FRINGEWORLD 2020 | Charlie Caper: Magical | 4.5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

From the winner of Sweden’s Got Talent to the winner of hearts across the globe, Charlie Caper: Magical is set to amaze in a good old-fashioned evening of entertainment. This show is simply stunning – Caper brings a touch of class and nostalgia to the world of magic – but don’t be fooled, this show is just as awe-inspiring as its razzle-dazzle counterparts. Bundled into a small circus tent in Yagan Square, there’s just a small table, some cards, and an assortment of lamps your granny would be proud of. So, step into the gypsy tent and be whisked away into a lost world of charms and enchantments by the most magical of them all.

 Featuring all the classic Caper conjurings, Magical is like a greatest hits show – there are card tricks that boggle the mind, sleight of hand tricks that confuse, and robotricks that simply stun. Caper begins gently – setting up his stage, tying his bow tie in a matter of seconds (an impressive task in its own right!) and lighting the lamps in a way that would make Mary Poppins envious. Caper’s brilliance sneaks up on you – he’s so quick that you only realise a trick has happened when he smiles jauntily and adjusts his hat!

Card tricks are one thing – one amazing thing – but Caper is the master of sleight of hand. He takes solid objects and fuses them – like putting coins in a bottle – he does the impossible with a can of soft drink in a remarkable trick that will leave you asking ‘how’ for the rest of the show. Caper’s signature trick – the one with the bottles is mesmerising but there is a simple beauty in his robotic work. Caper is affable and charming and his tricks will transport you to a more innocent time in your life.

Try as you might, you will not figure out how he does it – and that’s ok. The show may start off gently but it quickly escalates to a thriller – especially in the show stopping finale. Caper brings it down again and literally plucks the light from the sky to warm us for an hour of stunning magic – it’s simple, clean and utterly charming.

WHEN: 17th January – 7th February 2020 | 6:30pm


INFO: Pricing $24.50 – $34 | Duration 55m | Suitability: G | CABARET


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