FRINGEWORLD 2020 | Fuego Carnal | 3.5 Stars

Review | Sarah Soulay

Fuego Carnal is a circus show featuring acrobats, jugglers, sword swallowers and more, all centred around fire. Creator of Fuego Carnal, Jacob McGrath spends most of his time helping set up for acts and organise props. He designed the Empyrean, where the show is held in Yagan Square, specifically for circus shows. Before the show begins, however he makes a note about climate change, and although this is an important issue and it’s great to see him use his platform to discuss this, I felt he could have articulated his point better and been more inclusive and inspiring. Sophie McGrath wife, serves as the ‘ring leader’ and introducer of the show and although she definitely has charisma, she could improve her introductions of the shows acts to make the transitions smoother and more entertaining.

Jack Dawson opens the show and though he is very talented, his aerial acrobatics act is missing the signature fire promised. Aerial Manx’ sword swallowing skills are phenomenal as he does the unexpected and swallows swords while performing aerial acrobatics. Though his act doesn’t involve fire either, it is still fascinating to watch. The Bad Piper tries to add a bit of flair with fire to his bag pipes act, however, it comes across as a bit underwhelming. Aurora Kurth has a powerful singing voice and is insanely funny. Although she is a filler between acts, one could argue that she steals the show. The resident juggler is Stevo Extremo, and although his act is mostly impressive it seems to lack fluidity and I feel that there is a lot of missed opportunity.

Marcus Garthe is a Cyr wheel performer, yet spends most of his time outside the wheel dancing. However, his act really takes off when he sets the ring on fire. Orissa Kelly is introduced as an Archer, but spends most of her act doing contortion. Although this is well done, I wanted a lot more archery. However, she does have one of the most impressive moves of the show, as she shoots an arrow with her feet. Kasia Florczuk does a magnificent skating routine that involves aerial acrobatics. For those that don’t know, skates are very heavy and she is exceptionally talented for being able to do acrobatics suspended in the air while wearing skates. Though the element of fire in her routine didn’t work out on the night I attended, she carried on with her act very professionally.

The fire in Fuego Carnal seems like a bit of an afterthought and I really wanted to see more fire involved with the acts. It was a bit of a missed opportunity. These performers are definently talented, and worth seeing, but at times it feels as though they are so focused on the wow factor of fire, that the acrobatics and tricks themselves aren’t as exciting as they could be.

This is definitely a great circus show for families and those wanting a relaxing night out with a nice show before dinner.

WHEN: 17th January – 16th February 2020 | 7:40pm & 9:05pm


INFO: Pricing $36 – $65 | Duration 60m | Suitability: PG | Loud Noises, Smoke Effects | This show contains live flame, and audience members may experience short bursts of intense heat from fire use | CIRCUS


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