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10 great shows for Valentine’s Day at FRINGEWORLD 2020.

Article | Laura Money

Who doesn’t love a good night out – maybe dinner and a show – with a friend or lover? Even if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, a night of theatre, cabaret or comedy during Fringeworld is still a great idea. We have picked the most romantic shows that are perfect to kick off the last weekend of FRINGEWORLD 2020 in our 10 great shows for Valentine’s Day FRINGEWORLD 2020.


thumb_GDLOGO_Edin2009Want to do something a little different this Valentine’s Day? Why not embrace your inner Kath & Kel and get your groove on in Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tour! It’s exactly as it sounds – everyone wears headphones (supplied) and can hear the hilarious commentary as we make spontaneous flash-mobs in the streets. It’s a cheesy night of walking through Perth listening to all the greatest hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s! All tours run for 50 mins & go ahead in all weather. Read last year’s full review here.



Time for a different type of physicality this Valentine’s and what could be more romantic than erotic fiction? Join Pamela DeMenthe as she reads from her latest self-published book – eVULVAlution. It’s a great show to get you both in the mood. Read the full review here.



What could be more romantic than the Queen of the romance novel, Jane Austen? Following the success of previous shows, these ladies are improvising their way through a Jane Austen plot but this time, they’re singing! Completely unscripted and improvised, no two shows are alike – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll bring your mum, she’ll thank you! Get your tickets here.





A Special Day is the perfect show to put life and love into perspective. A sweeping (kind of) love story between two lost souls who form a connection in a charming theatre piece full of innovation and heart. Using few props, a piece of chalk and the power of imagination they create a bittersweet human drama about a life changing chance encounter between two neighbors at a time of political unrest. Read our interview with actress Ana Graham here.



The couple that watches boylesque together, slays together! Get yourselves out to Briefs: The Second Coming for some titillating circus, drag, and fabulousness. These guys provide all the entertainment for both parties in any pairing, you might even leave together! Read our full review here. 



Staying home and watching a few RomComs on Netflix might be ok for boring couples, but we prefer our RomComs live! Head over to the Blue Room Theatre to see You’ve Got Mail – a re-booted version of the classic 90s rom-com for a #metoo era. Read our interview with Sophia Campion here.



If you’re the kind of couple who loves movies like Amelie then you’re bound to love this utterly charming circus act by a real-life couple. Liisa Naykki & Jeromy Zwick take you on their journey from circus school meet-cute to stunning acts of trust, this show will give you all the warm fuzzies this Valentine’s Day. Read our full review here.





A FRINGEWORLD staple, (Not) The Bachelor Live is exactly what it sounds like! If you are looking for love this year, head down to this quirky night of fun and you might just find it. Luke Bolland is one of The Fourth Wall’s favourite comedians and you’re in good hands with this kind (and slightly sarcastic) host. He takes 4 real singles and attempts to make 1 real love match through hilarious improv comedy, fun and games. If that wasn’t exciting enough, after all the laughter and romance, ANYONE could win the date – even an audience member!



What happens after happily ever after? The Disney princesses from Disenchanted! are here to tell you all about it. If you bond over the perfect fairy-tale ending and your couple karaoke go-to is ‘A Whole New World’ then this is the show for you! Read our full review here.




Ah, flatpack furniture – the greatest test of a relationship since Monopoly. If you want to do something truly romantic, you can head down to Kieran Bullock as he builds IKEA furniture and you can watch! Resist the urge to call out and tell him he’s wrong and squeeze your partner’s hand instead, then head home and feel free to use your Allen Key to build your relationship.




Are you too old, too pale, too short or too male to get the role you want? See what these guys are doing about being MissCast…Again!

Dixie Johnstone is a powerhouse performer from Perth, she’s been in several musicals (Legally Blonde, Kinky Boots) in traditional roles but what if she always wanted to play Danny Zuko in Grease? She spoke to us before her show MISSCAST…AGAIN to let us know what it’s all about.

What is your show about?

If you’ve ever been told you’re too old, too pale, too young or too male for a role or just in life…. then this is the show for you. MissCast … Again is the next season of Zealous Productions hot show of 2019, where audience will be brought into the world of music theatre but not as they know it. Broadway hits in which 5 performers would never be usually cast.  It’s a hoot, it’s a riot and it’s a must see!

Favourite part of the show, no spoilers!

Roller Skates, Disco balls and magic carpets abound!

What is the best part about participating in FRINGEWORLD 2020?

To have the opportunity to produce, write & direct a show like this in good company and with international recognition.

Apart from your show, what other shows would you recommend?

SPEED the play. Hilarious. DISSENCHANTED is amazing, HEATHERS by Hama Productions and you can’t miss Little Death Club!!!

Describe your show in 3 words:


You can get your tickets to MISSCAST…AGAIN here.

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Article, FRINGEWORLD, In Brief

LAST CHANCE TO SEE! These six FRINGEWORLD 2020 shows are finishing tonight, so don’t miss out! (Sunday 9th February 2020)

Are you still not sure what to see this FRINGEWORLD 2020? With a program this large, it’s understandable. We’ve been out and about and reckon we’ve seen some pretty remarkable things this year, and six of our favourites are finishing TONIGHT! So, if you want a nice Sunday session rather than a full-blown fringe binge, The Fourth Wall has you covered.



Meet Leni. She is 5 years old and all she wants to do is wear her Superman costume to school. She huffs and puffs and digs her heels in an argument with her mother – though she be little, she is fierce. Leni is really Eurydiceand the show is a beautifully mix of spoken word and music. Written in collaboration with Alexander Wright of The Flanagan Collective and accompanied by musician Phil Grainger from Gobbledigook Theatre, Eurydice is the sister show to last year’s Orpheus and it’s an absolute highlight of FRINGEWORLD 2020.



(un)written · (un)heard is a world premiere of a new dance-theatre work from UK theatre company Ellandar & Jessica Rose McVay. It explores the story of a woman who fought for her very existence as a world of men tried to pull her apart. It’s a stunning piece of physical theatre that throws you into the line of fire with Dorothy and finally allows that story to be told. Choreographed by Iona Kirk, the work sees three different dancers breathe life into Dorothy and it’s simply beautiful.



ARIA – 6:40pm

Just when you think “I’ve seen one aerial circus, I’ve seen them all”, along comes Aria – you will be pleasantly surprised. THIS – you haven’t seen. Breaking the mould for a circus act, the world premiere of Aria is the latest masterpiece by the award winning company Kinetica. Featuring captivating aerial acts interwoven with live violin, Aria explores the unique connection of spectacular circus and alluring music. From heart-stopping drops to haunting aerial dance, prepare to be enthralled by the world class cast.




THE GODS THE GODS THE GODS is a loud, raucous, sweaty piece of storytelling and music. Following the award-winning shows ORPHEUS and EURYDICE, The Flanagan Collective & Gobbledigook Theatre return with a new, loud, late night show full of heart, soul and soaring music. It’s a show about ancient mythologies and our day-to-day lives. Bring comfortable shoes though, because you’ll be standing for 75 minutes! The music is great – it’s part spoken word, part song, all soulful. The beats reverberate through the floor and shudder through your whole body – it’s a holistic experience you’ll never forget!



BY A THREAD – 8:30pm

By A Thread is a mesmerising show that sees these elegant performers fly through the air, creating a stunning visually temporal work of art – it’s beautiful in its transience and demonstrates what the human body is capable of. The thick gymnast rope has become a signature for One Fell Swoop Circus – the only apparatus used by the acrobats who playfully ascend it. The actions of one acrobat affect the movements of others in a mesmerising negotiation of cause and effect. I know there are two circus shows on this list, but they are both very special!




2 Comedians Are Better Than 1 – Cameron McLaren & Amy Hetherington is a wordy show title but at least you have a fair idea of the show format: two comedians splitting the bill and not having a strong theme. Cameron McLaren (Best Comedy WA FRINGE,WORLD) and Amy Hetherington (Adelaide Fringe Weekly Comedy Winner) are joining forces in the most likeable and energetic hour of comedy you’ll see! They’re both hilarious and very positive – you’ll leave feeling like you just received an hour-long warm hug.


So, what are you waiting for, Perth?! Get out and buy those tickets and say goodbye to these brilliant acts!

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FRINGEWORLD 2020 | Eurydice | 5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

We need to let go of the stories we think define us

This powerful refrain reverberates through the beautiful story of Eurydice – the mantra informing the dialogue, breathed into life in an undercurrent of conviction. Meet Leni. (Yoshika Colwell) She is 5 years old and all she wants to do is wear her Superman costume to school. She huffs and puffs and digs her heels in an argument with her mother – though she be little, she is fierce. As Leni – really Eurydice but she wants to be defined as Leni – grows up she is determined to escape her fate and take matters into her own hands. Eurydice is destined to be a tragic figure, lost as a footnote in history – an accessory to Orpheus – but this bright spark will not allow herself to be dimmed.

Written in collaboration with Alexander Wright of The Flanagan Collective and accompanied by musician Phil Grainger from Gobbledigook Theatre on acoustic guitar, Eurydice is the charming prequel to last year’s smash hit, Orpheus – an absolute highlight of FRINGEWORLD. Their unique brand of storytelling pared down is pure – two people, music, expression, a slam-poetry script crackling with energy and a gathering of like-minded people all united in song and story. Everyone knows the story of Orpheus and Eurydice but how many people know it from her perspective. Why must the story render Eurydice a helpless vessel enabling Orpheus’ tragedy, and not a strong independent figure who makes her own choices? Wright and Grainger’s Eurydice gives her back her autonomy and it’s a powerful gesture.

Colwell is a force of pure energy! She dances about the stage, vivacious and barely containing herself. And it’s infectious – one cannot help but smile as she bounces from word to word, weaving the story of Leni – another barely suppressed force of pure light – and her life lessons. Framing everything through her own story of broken pottery and the Kintsugi method where broken things are repaired with gold to show that their flaws are a part of them, Leni reaches the heady heights of first love, charmingly carves out a little world for her and Ari (what you thought Orpheus was her first?) and suffers betrayal and heartbreak that seem to shatter more than usual. Colwell’s spirit is so big and her performance bursting with exuberance, it hits hard when her light is seemingly dimmed.

Part slam-poetry, part spoken word, and mythic storytelling, the language cracks and sparks with vitality. From tender and shy tingles of first love, to the gut wrenching heartbreak of betrayal, Wright has created a language style entirely his own that Colwell takes and sprints away with. She plays the guitar, sings with a raw, inspiring voice, moves and sways to the rhythm of the show. Then there’s Grainger – the gentle spine of the book – his acoustics and music pad skills accompany the story and gently rolls it along. He joyfully creates a soundscape that jumps along with the story – a frenzied dance like a bee’s courting ritual – moving from soft cooing, to loud and distorted microphones, he exuberantly beams when suggesting a sing-a-long – and there’s something about singing with other people that evokes a primal feeling of conviviality and togetherness.

Eurydice breaks free from the shackles of her story in Orpheus and chooses her fate with a defiant stamp of the foot. It’s an act that any parent, though exacerbated, will be fiercely proud of. Wright and Grainger have every right to be nothing but proud of this work and the sheer magnitude of brilliance that Colwell brings to the stage. It’s a seamlessly intelligent piece of writing that will charm and devastate at once. Leni is who you wanted to be as a child. She is a strong role model for all, God or mortal, and her mythical and often epic tale is told simply and easily in a relatable fashion. This doesn’t remove the shine or magic from the myths, rather it celebrates the remarkable nature of the everyday, and that is quite magical.

WHEN: 17th January – 9th February 2020 | 6:00pm


INFO: Pricing $13.50 – $25 | Duration 75m | Suitability PG | THEATRE


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FRINGEWORLD 2020 | Pamela DeMenthe: eVULVAlution | 5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

I can’t believe that my idol – the sensual, intelligent, and super sexy erotic fiction writer, Pamela DeMenthe is back in Perth – but this time she has a case of the dreaded writer’s block! I’m not going to lie, I have received several hot tips from the self-published author of ‘Panties Inferno’, and ‘Hooked: Romp in the Abbitoir’, to subtle masterpieces like ‘Butterfingers: After Hours in the Dairy’ and of course my absolute favourite – ‘Sticky Digits.’ Her books are filled with erotic wonderment, cracking, sexy language, and facts copied from Wikipedia – she has proved to be quite the inspiration. Here is a short bio piece I wrote completely on my own:

“Born and raised in the south west of England, Pamela DeMenthe began her life as a child. Once this was completed, she was an adult.

At 21 she embarked on a career in the Nuclear energy sector, which was obviously a hotbed of erotic fiction writing material. Then at the tender age of 37, following a gross misconduct dismissal, she took the massive leap into erotic fiction. Exploding onto the self-publishing scene like an atom bomb! 28 novels self-published later and murmurs of a movie deal on the horizon, DeMenthe is fast on her way becoming the world’s first (unofficial) erotic fiction laureate.”


DeMenthe commands the stage at her book launch, fittingly attired in leopard print and her signature cream power-blazer. She regales us with her meteoric rise to fame after last year’s Sticky Digits and opens up about her husband’s newfound love of all-male parties complete with stripping down to underwear, dancing, and lots of lube! Sitting down in her new basement office, DeMenthe gets to work on eVULVAlution – when she is struck down by a faulty office chair – how will she continue? You’ll just have to come to Tiki as FK to find out, come and sit on an OfficePro 360 model chair (rather than be sued, the office furniture company are now a sponsor) and witness the author’s overuse of amazing, brilliant, wonderful, spectacular, prolific adjectives, and every smutty term you could imagine.

This character is hilarious – she swans about in a miasma of self-importance, and commands the audience with her puns. It takes a lot of skill to write a show so badly written – think Ernie Wise’s ‘play like what I wrote’ – and the points of hilarity are borne out of a distinct lack of being self-aware. The writing is terribly simplified, the adjectives and metaphors hilariously bad, and the sentences meandering. eVULVAlution is, like DeMenthe’s other works, a thinly-veiled autobiographical piece with time travel and an orgy scene. The book is about Sandra from Hull – a port city and unitary authority in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England.[2] It lies upon the River Hull at its confluence with the Humber Estuary, 25 miles (40 km) inland from the North Sea, 50 miles (80 km) east of Leeds, 34 miles (55 km) south-east of York and 54 miles (87 km) north-east of Sheffield.[2] With a population of 260,645 (mid-2018 est.), Hull is the fourth-largest city in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Sandra navigates her way through university, time, and space horny as hell and just wanting some love from some prehistoric men. Her crush, the ancient Dr Greg can’t perform, and as Sandra travels back in time she discovers that all she really wants is to be allowed to join in with the men – it’s not as if DeMenthe is projecting here, is it? I cannot stress how funny this show is! Pamela DeMenthe is one of the best characters ever devised – she remains stubbornly obtuse to her husband’s ways, is deluded into believing that the office chair is to blame for her writer’s block, and hilariously navigates her way through a book reading where Sandra from Hull turns every phrase from sexy to parody with her over-caricatured Yorkshire accent. This show needs to be seen to be believed, and DeMenthe is catering – so just make sure you request gluten free lube and you’ll be on to a winner!

WHEN: 31st January – 16th February 2020 | 6:30pm


INFO: Pricing $20 – $25 | Duration 60m | Suitability M | Sexual References | COMEDY


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