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FRINGEWORLD 2020 | Charlie Caper: Magical | 4.5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

From the winner of Sweden’s Got Talent to the winner of hearts across the globe, Charlie Caper: Magical is set to amaze in a good old-fashioned evening of entertainment. This show is simply stunning – Caper brings a touch of class and nostalgia to the world of magic – but don’t be fooled, this show is just as awe-inspiring as its razzle-dazzle counterparts. Bundled into a small circus tent in Yagan Square, there’s just a small table, some cards, and an assortment of lamps your granny would be proud of. So, step into the gypsy tent and be whisked away into a lost world of charms and enchantments by the most magical of them all.

 Featuring all the classic Caper conjurings, Magical is like a greatest hits show – there are card tricks that boggle the mind, sleight of hand tricks that confuse, and robotricks that simply stun. Caper begins gently – setting up his stage, tying his bow tie in a matter of seconds (an impressive task in its own right!) and lighting the lamps in a way that would make Mary Poppins envious. Caper’s brilliance sneaks up on you – he’s so quick that you only realise a trick has happened when he smiles jauntily and adjusts his hat!

Card tricks are one thing – one amazing thing – but Caper is the master of sleight of hand. He takes solid objects and fuses them – like putting coins in a bottle – he does the impossible with a can of soft drink in a remarkable trick that will leave you asking ‘how’ for the rest of the show. Caper’s signature trick – the one with the bottles is mesmerising but there is a simple beauty in his robotic work. Caper is affable and charming and his tricks will transport you to a more innocent time in your life.

Try as you might, you will not figure out how he does it – and that’s ok. The show may start off gently but it quickly escalates to a thriller – especially in the show stopping finale. Caper brings it down again and literally plucks the light from the sky to warm us for an hour of stunning magic – it’s simple, clean and utterly charming.

WHEN: 17th January – 7th February 2020 | 6:30pm


INFO: Pricing $24.50 – $34 | Duration 55m | Suitability: G | CABARET


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FRINGEWORLD, on now, Review

FRINGEWORLD 2020 | Fuego Carnal | 3.5 Stars

Review | Sarah Soulay

Fuego Carnal is a circus show featuring acrobats, jugglers, sword swallowers and more, all centred around fire. Creator of Fuego Carnal, Jacob McGrath spends most of his time helping set up for acts and organise props. He designed the Empyrean, where the show is held in Yagan Square, specifically for circus shows. Before the show begins, however he makes a note about climate change, and although this is an important issue and it’s great to see him use his platform to discuss this, I felt he could have articulated his point better and been more inclusive and inspiring. Sophie McGrath wife, serves as the ‘ring leader’ and introducer of the show and although she definitely has charisma, she could improve her introductions of the shows acts to make the transitions smoother and more entertaining.

Jack Dawson opens the show and though he is very talented, his aerial acrobatics act is missing the signature fire promised. Aerial Manx’ sword swallowing skills are phenomenal as he does the unexpected and swallows swords while performing aerial acrobatics. Though his act doesn’t involve fire either, it is still fascinating to watch. The Bad Piper tries to add a bit of flair with fire to his bag pipes act, however, it comes across as a bit underwhelming. Aurora Kurth has a powerful singing voice and is insanely funny. Although she is a filler between acts, one could argue that she steals the show. The resident juggler is Stevo Extremo, and although his act is mostly impressive it seems to lack fluidity and I feel that there is a lot of missed opportunity.

Marcus Garthe is a Cyr wheel performer, yet spends most of his time outside the wheel dancing. However, his act really takes off when he sets the ring on fire. Orissa Kelly is introduced as an Archer, but spends most of her act doing contortion. Although this is well done, I wanted a lot more archery. However, she does have one of the most impressive moves of the show, as she shoots an arrow with her feet. Kasia Florczuk does a magnificent skating routine that involves aerial acrobatics. For those that don’t know, skates are very heavy and she is exceptionally talented for being able to do acrobatics suspended in the air while wearing skates. Though the element of fire in her routine didn’t work out on the night I attended, she carried on with her act very professionally.

The fire in Fuego Carnal seems like a bit of an afterthought and I really wanted to see more fire involved with the acts. It was a bit of a missed opportunity. These performers are definently talented, and worth seeing, but at times it feels as though they are so focused on the wow factor of fire, that the acrobatics and tricks themselves aren’t as exciting as they could be.

This is definitely a great circus show for families and those wanting a relaxing night out with a nice show before dinner.

WHEN: 17th January – 16th February 2020 | 7:40pm & 9:05pm


INFO: Pricing $36 – $65 | Duration 60m | Suitability: PG | Loud Noises, Smoke Effects | This show contains live flame, and audience members may experience short bursts of intense heat from fire use | CIRCUS


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FRINGEWORLD, on now, Review

FRINGEWORLD 2020 | Aidan Jones: Taco | 5 Stars

Review | Kieran Eaton

Casual in appearance – who is Aidan ‘Taco’ Jones? Small in stature Jones happily chills out on a bar stool, as you arrive to find a seat. The whole audience are greeted as they arrive with wonderful cheekiness that has the right amount of warmth. This Adelaide-raised Melbourne-based comedian knows how to not take himself too seriously – the audience instantly feeling the positivity. Yet, there is still a sense of sincerity as he susses us out, while grooving to some background music.

Taco is a fantastic mix of stand-up comedy fused into storytelling about his identity. When Jones stands up, he commands the stage with instant charisma – displaying blokey down to earthiness combined with modern sensitivity. The funny comes out naturally with Jones, in his honest opening about early on not knowing his biological Colombian father but having step-dad early on become his father that he saw as his real dad. This sets the tone of some deep thoughts about nature vs nature – especially since he displays brown skin and features that lead to questions of his identity. This amusing lad deals with a serious subject in a jovial way – laughing about his childhood Greek-Australian friends insisting that he was Greek because he did not know enough about his background.

Getting to know Jones is gradual but the moments he delivers are clear as daylight – his wording being exceptionally well thought-out. With dry wit, he cuts through the overly PC wokeness by highlighting the reality of having multiple sides to your personality – especially when you are “fifteen and want to lose your virginity.” This realness relaxes most in the audience, but some do not know how to take it and with skill delivers laughter to even the more sensitive minds. The intelligence behind getting a whole audience to see the world in a more balanced point of view is fantastic and easily enjoyable. Anyway, what does it mean to be half Colombian and have no knowledge of the culture? Jones more saw his Australian dad as the person that he looked up to – even though there being plenty of differences and this dichotomy brings many gags as he pulls fun of things about him, potentially leading to some moments of conflict. This conflict has resolution problems – as like many men, have difficulty dealing with emotions.

This coming of age story is an immense pleasure to witness. Potentially your jaw may become saw from watching and so go see this performance called Taco!

WHEN: 18th January – 9th February 2020 | 8:30pm

WHERE: Belgian Beer Cafe | PERTH CBD

INFO: Pricing $14 – $25 | Duration 50m | Suitability: M | Content warning: Occasional course language and drug use | COMEDY


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FRINGEWORLD, on now, Review

FRINGEWORLD 2020 | The Intervention | 3.5 Stars

Review | Kieran Eaton

Who here wants to say things to a friend but is scared that it will affect their relationship? The Intervention explores this with a bunch of twenty something year old friends/associates – all with a few character flaws. Directed by one of the actors of the show Ellie Harris, which assists in creating a performance where each performer displays a positive energy. Harris has taken on a subject that has had many unique depictions, but this feels like she’s familiar with the topic from growing up in Sydney.

Written by Valentin Young, The Intervention is a cleverly written play with a good amount of dark humour throughout. He is also playing the lead character and when you enter the stage area to see him sitting looking at a piece of paper you worry that he is unprofessionally going through his lines of the play! However, you soon realise that his character has written a speech to tell his friend – a character played by Joshua Shediak who aptly has his shirt unbuttoned, as he displays an arrogant disposition. The conversation is quite natural, with the right amounts of awkward pauses and defensiveness in speech. There is a slow build in getting to know the characters and this is smart – as it displays a build-up of unravelling, as tensions increase. Unfortunately, the acting of Young feels too gung-ho creating an unnatural delivery of dialogue of a serious nature. Luckily, the others counterbalance his voice to give it more realness.

The storyline displays interesting characters that have no strong back story, and this works in allowing your own interpretation of their personalities into your mind. There is plenty of irony in that the two friends, played by Young and Hadley Lindsey – have drinks ready after they intervene in an alcohol addiction! This shows depth in making the four complicated in nature, and by the end you want to understand them more – but you would not want to be friends with them! The humour is natural and unforced – creating the laughter unpredictably and yet reliably. Impressively, this fresh performance does not come across as preachy – more like an existential tale of young people thinking they know who they are.  This play relates well to the modern narcissistic world of reality TV and social media, with an honest display of egos competing for attention.

Young’s interesting story is a bit of fun that shows plenty of potential for more of the same in the future. If you want to see some up and comers showcase their wares in an intimate venue, The Intervention is worth the punt to see.

WHEN: 18th – 26th January 2020 | 5:30pm & 6:30pm

WHERE: The Moon Cafe | Northbridge

INFO: Pricing $15 – $22.50 | Duration 50m | Suitability: 18+ | Frequent coarse language, mental health issues, drug use | COMEDY


FRINGEWORLD, In Brief, on now

Why is Darius Davies a Persian of Interest? Find out in our Five With Fringe!

Darius Davies is the hilarious comedian behind PERSIAN OF INTEREST – a stand-up show in FRINGEWORLD 2020. This is a story about how easy it is to manipulate the media, troll men on Tinder, and get revenge against Ryanair by any means necessary. We caught up with him ahead of the show to find out what it’s all about.

What is your show about?

My show is about today’s society and where we are going with the advent of technology particularly fake, fake people, fake outrage.

Favourite part of the show, no spoilers!

The ending, because it ties my entire show together and makes the audience second guess themselves. 🙂

What is the best part about participating in FRINGEWORLD 2020?

Perth is amazing, the city is vibrant the people are friendly, and the weather coming from the UK is perfect!

Apart from your show, what other shows would you recommend?

Leo Kearse Transgressive and Robyn Perkins Mating Selection

Describe your show in 3 words

Funny, thought provoking.

Don’t miss out on seeing PERSIAN OF INTEREST here.