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June/July 2018



Mackenzie Dunn as Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme in Assassins. Models Jarrod Draper and Andrew Coshan at the Heath Ledger Theatre. Photo credit Cameron Etchells


Black Swan State Theatre Company

In a fairground, a rogue’s gallery of nine misfits gather. The Proprietor of the game entices them to play, promising that their problems will be solved by killing a President of the United States, with the song “Everybody’s Got the Right”. A revue-style portrayal follows of the many and varied ways that each of the men and women have committed (or attempted to commit) the ultimate crime. It is a highly entertaining diorama of America’s cult of celebrity through the ages and the means that some have used to obtain it.

Sondheim (Into the Woods, Sweeney Todd) is considered a ‘titan of musical theatre’. This work personifies his signature blend of intelligently stunning lyrics and beautiful music, embracing a range of American musical traditions from the 1860s to the 1980s, from marches to spirituals, to folk and rock. Bold, original and alarmingly funny, Assassins is a timely reminder that those in power ignore the marginalised in society at their peril.

WHEN: 16 June – 1 July 2018 | 7:30pm

WHERE: Heath Ledger Theatre | State Theatre WA | PERTH

INFO: Tickets $35 – $67 | Duration 95 mins | No interval | Adult themes, coarse language, sex & drug references, smoking on stage, strobe/flashes; simulated executions and gun violence | Suitability 16+

LINK: https://www.bsstc.com.au/plays/assassins



HIRO tells the incredible but true story of Hiromitsu Shinkawa, who survived the Japanese tsunami of 2011 by riding the sea on the roof of his house.

This story of a man who loses almost everything is the jumping-off point for an exquisite reflection on the trembling of the human condition, what is truly important to us, and what it means to survive.

WHEN: 19 – 30 June, 3 – 7 July 2018 | 8:30pm

WHERE: The Blue Room Theatre | Northbridge | PERTH

INFO: Tickets $20 – $30 | Duration 60 minutes | Recommended age 16+

LINK: http://blueroom.org.au/events/hiro/

Bus Boy Blue Room


Rorschach Beast

Jerry is a young woman stuck in transition. She’s returning to Rotto to cleanse herself of last year’s trauma. When she meets Bus Boy, she decides to complete her ritual by giving Bus Boy and herself one perfect night of joy.

Bus Boy is a story of secret sharing, grand theft auto and meat pies; A show about connection on an Island off the coast of Western Australia.

WHEN: 20 – 23 June 2018 | 7:00pm

WHERE: Subiaco Arts Centre | Subiaco | PERTH

INFO: Tickets $25 – $28 | Duration 70 mins | No interval | Part of Subiaco Theatre Festival | Suitable 15+ | Warning: references to sexual assault

LINK: https://www.ptt.wa.gov.au/venues/subiaco-arts-centre/whats-on/bus-boy/



Static Drive Co.

Tissue confronts secrecy vs privacy and intimacy vs entertainment with an explosive chorus of Perth actors and red-hot energy. It’s a love story, it’s a tragedy, it’s a challenge, and we’re not afraid to show a little skin.

But focus, folks. We want you to watch with your brains as well as your bits. This show is an interrogation of shame culture, intimacy and communication, questioning the effect porn has on young Australians. If we strip away stigma, does the ‘sin’ lie in the products themselves, or the way we talk about them?

WHEN: 20 – 23 June 2018 | 9:00pm

WHERE: Subiaco Arts Centre | Subiaco | PERTH

INFO: Tickets $25 – $28 | Duration 65 mins | No interval | Part of Subiaco Theatre Festival | Suitable 15+ | Warning: simulated sexual activity, partial nudity

LINK: https://www.ptt.wa.gov.au/venues/subiaco-arts-centre/whats-on/tissue/

Catherine McClements as Claire in The Events at The Studio Underground. Photo credit Cameron Etchells


Black Swan State Theatre Company

One of Australia’s most powerful actors, Catherine McClements (Water Rats, Rush), plays Claire, a vicar and leader of a community choir that regularly meet in a local town hall. When a young man enters the hall and opens fire, her beloved community – and the ideals that sustain it – is blown apart.

Set in the wake of the tragedy, a conversation unfolds between Claire and the young man. She is unpacking her rage, her fears and ultimately, her forgiveness. The young man is something else: the voice of the alienated, an enemy within and a lost generation. In an era of uncertainty and inexplicable events, questions are asked and resolutions sought. Could he have been stopped?

WHEN: 21 June – 8 July 2018 | 8:00pm

WHERE: Studio Underground | State Theatre Centre WA | PERTH

INFO: Tickets $35 – $50 | Duration 75 mins | No interval | Warning: adult themes, gun violence | Suitable 16+

LINK: https://www.bsstc.com.au/plays/the-events



Modicum Theatre Perth

After spending the last few years successfully avoiding each other, the Butler family is reunited for the funeral of Great Aunt Francesca.

WHEN: 23 – 30 June 2018 | 7:00pm

WHERE: The Kitchen Building | Heathcote Cultural Precinct | APPLECROSS

INFO: Tickets $16 – $20 | Coarse Language | Suitable 15+ | Licensed premises – people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

LINK: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=371914&