FRINGEWORLD 2020 | Gaming Under the Influence | 3 Stars

Review | Link Harris

Walking upstairs to the Rooftop Terrace Bar at the Universal Bar in Northbridge, Supermario Bros. 2 is being projected onto a white screen on the stage, two empty leather couches in front of a small stage, chairs everywhere and a bottle of booze on a table next to the mic stand.

In walks Patrick Melton the show’s host, doing his own bit and interacting with the crowd whilst being heckled and just generally having fun he starts handing out various tokens – which when used by the audience – will make the show more interesting by helping or hindering the players like forcing them – the comedians – to do a shot, tagging in to be the player in whatever video game is being played or forcing them to don some kind of mask during their bit or whilst gaming.

We then get introduced to two acts one after the other – who differ from night to night – and without any hesitation they straight away they get a shot and then go on to do their comedy act. We then get treated to some spectacularly bad video game playing of Ninja Gaiden and Dr. Mario before they trade places, rinse and repeat before they play some more games which are randomly decided on a spinning peg wheel. Finally they compete with audience members joining them on the couch, to start with they try and screw up their games by heckling them and move onto directing them whilst blindfolded… The winner is crowned and of course you guessed it, they have to do more shots!

The premise of the show is good – albeit very haphazardly thrown together at what comes across as short notice –  however if you like comedy and video games combined with drinking then this is definitely up your alley so get some tickets, see the show and hopefully participate in the fun.

WHEN: 25th January- 16th February 2020 | 11:45pm

WHERE: Rooftop Terrace Bar | Universal Bar | Northbridge

INFO: Pricing $21 | Duration 50 mins | Suitable 18+ | COMEDY


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