FRINGEWORLD 2022 | Cecelia | 4 Stars

Review | Amanda Lancaster

Welcome to my midlife crisis cabaret says our star for the evening as she proceeds to regail us with recent events and anectdotes that have bought about this very show’s existence.

Presented by multiple award nominated Susannah Thompson and Adam Keshwar, Cecelia is a show about what it means to be a woman. From heath scares to turning 50 to a teenage daughter who thinks she’s a meek and mild mannered Hufflepuff in a world of no real viable role models to be seen. This is just the beginning of an evening of autobiographical narration punctuated by some of the most amazing vocal talent you’ll ever hear.

Flawless song stylings are effortlessly crooned to the audience as an example in melody of whatever point in her life Susannah is retelling and the feelings it evoked for her at the time. This is a brilliant idea for a show and a lovely way to remember that song and stories are just another way by which human beings best learn, communicate, and remember each other and what it is that is important to each of us as individuals and as a whole.

Soft spoken, calm, perfectly timed tales are told with honesty and delivered with just enough humour to take the sting of being to harsh to hear out. A wonderful expose of feminine stereotypes and issues faced over one woman’s lifetime that is totally relatable to all even now. Each era described has its own musical anthem appointed to it and this lady’s voice doesn’t miss a beat. She’s hands down one of the most amazing, understated songstresses I’ve seen. She nails every tune to perfection. The crowd will be absolutely transfixed the whole night. Everyone is encouraged to sing along, and you really can’t help but join in as the songs are all ones you know and love.

Fifty years of life laid bare for all to see, from her first and favourite party as a child, through the oppressive and wild 70s and 80s, all the way through to see her own offspring grow into their own strong personality and deciding whether or not to continue to be offended by being unofficially placed into the Hufflepuff house.

“And so I keep quiet and say nothing”
Such a seemingly tiny phrase. A string of harmless little words reiterated over and over throughout the show’s sixty minute duration gives the viewer a subconscious sense of almost discomfort. A beautifully subtle method of using something small to shine a much needed light on something so big. This is not just your average caberet performance folks, prepare to not just choose to listen and watch but to be made to think and feel.

This show is an open letter to all the people out there that think they need to make themselves small, to all those who stay quiet and need the courage to help find their own voice. This is as lesson for all about the importance of what it truly means to be not just listened to – but heard. I’d say that’s pretty Gryffindor and not that Hufflepuff wouldn’t you?

You can catch the time-travelling Cecelia at ACES Cabaret until 12th February 2022. TICKETS

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