FRINGEWORLD 2022 | Dolly Parton: Here I Come Again | 4 Stars

Review | Amanda Lancaster

Think you know Dolly? Well, I bet you’ve never seen Dolly done like this! Dolly Parton: Here I Come Again is the second instalment of the performative love letter that takes us through drag diva Barbie Q’s number one crush.

Barbie Q is probably the most well known and loved name on the drag scene in Perth and a community fan favourite with crowds year after year. This is one diva that puts her heart and soul into absolutely every last thing that she does. Be it emceeing, performing, choreographing or producing and my god does it show. With so many fabulous drag and cabaret shows available around the fringe time of year it takes a real powerhouse to continue to draw sell-out crowds night after night to each and every one of their shows. Barbie Q is that powerhouse, her name is synonymous with perfection and quality and this latest show is no exception.

Barbie Q is a fabulous Dolly Parton, a perfect homage and tribute to the country starlet’s name. Both ladies are well known for radiating positivity, smiles, a sassy whip quick tongued sense of humour and of course assets we could only all dream of being in possession of. Barbie Q’s always spectacularly over the top costumes and attitude are perfect to play everyone’s favourite busty blonde. Dolly would be proud!

Dolly Parton: Here I Come Again is quite literally a show all about Dolly Parton. But don’t let that put you off.  This reviewer can vouch for the fact that if you aren’t a lover of country or the cowgirl songstress to start with, you sure as heck will be by the end of the hour. With a Dolly fan by my side and the embodiment of the lady on stage in front of us it was impossible not to be swept along by the infectious nature of it all.

Her music, her outfits, her sass, her style are all showcased in a nonstop singalong upon the always glamourous setting and stage of the Connections Nightclub venue. You can expect a whole lotta sequins, smiles and songs by Miss Dolly Parton, lots of tunes that you know and love and some you didn’t even know were from our starlet. Dolly is accompanied of course by the always talented backup dancers. A group of the most energetic and energizing boys and girls to date. The choreography doesn’t miss a beat as Dolly struts her stuff amongst not only her dancers but the audience too.

And what would any good cabaret show be without a little variety hmm? Well, you can rest assured Dolly has definitely bought some friends with her this time around, including Tammy Wynette, Billy Ray Cyrus and Kenny Rodgers. Yep, It’s a full blown ho down of country camp you are about to be treated to my friends, so get ready to put those boot scooting moves to good use! Dolly Parton: Here I Come Again is a show born out of the love of Big Hair, Big Voices, Big Dreams, Big personality and of course Big Boobs. So, folks, what are you waiting for? Time to mosey on down to the box-office and get yourself tickets to a heck of a good time.

You can grab your tix to the Dolly show at Connections until 12th February 2022. TICKETS

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FRINGEWORLD 2022 | Drag Diva Spectacular | 5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

Bursting onto the stage to a throwback B-side banger by the Spice Girls, your Divas bring the energy from the very top of the show. As Perth Drag Royalty BarbieQ points out Drag Diva Spectacular: Good Times is not political, it’s not a downer – it’s an escape from all of that and is designed for you to have a good time. And this show DELIVERS! These divine divas dance and dominate with their power moves, flawless makeup, and fabulous lip synching. They are here to serve lewks, sass, and fun times – you won’t stop grinning under your mask.

The whole thing is a party guaranteed to have you clapping and singing along with the Goddesses that are Connections mainstays catwalking with more sass than Tyra Banks, dancing with more energy than Britney Spears, and lip synching with more precision than Ashlee Simpson! These ladies know how to curate a playlist with bangers from Kylie Minogue, Shania Twain, and an epic sequinned medley to Little Mix – featuring killer moves that deserve all the snaps!

Each girl gets their own moment – Fay Rocious and Ruby Jewlz going full showgirl with epic moves and diva moments being lifted up by the sexy boys on offer. Veronica Jean Jones debuts a routine that is out of this world – it’s beyond brilliant, camp and perfectly extra, and we’re here for it! The phenomenally bendy Alexas Armstrong SLAYS with her raunchy, energetic routines that bring spice to the stage, and of course there won’t be a single dry eye in the house when BarbieQ reveals her touching tribute to Alexas Armstrong that she performed for their wedding. It’s perfect and BarbieQ’s facial expressions and movements are equally sincere and camp.

There is a thrilling buzz in the air as each new song is revealed – each and every one a TUNE! Highlights are always the group sequences as the camaraderie and love emanating from the stage when this winning quintet move with each other is pure light. The Sister Act sketch is drag incarnate – from hilariously kitsch costumes, to rubbery facial expressions and raucous energy it takes a camp enough nostalgic movie and gives it the glow up of the century. I could watch it for days. So, get yourself up to Connections for a night of good times and forget about the world for a while.

You can check out Drag Diva Spectacular: Good Times until 22nd January 2020. TICKETS

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FRINGEWORLD, In Brief, Interview

FIVE WITH FRINGE | BarbieQ | Drag Diva Spectacular: Good Times

Drag Diva Spectacular is back with their brand new show Good Times and we cannot wait! These performers are fabulous and The Fourth Wall is getting excited to shimmy and shake alongside the hottest acts in Perth. We caught up with host BarbieQ ahead of the show to see what kind of good times we’re in for.

What is your show about?

Drag Diva Spectacular: Good Times is all about fun! We have no agenda other than having a smile on your face, the rhythm is your body and all of the good feelings in your soul!

Favourite part of the show, no spoilers!

We have a very comedic part in the show revolving around a very popular movie franchise from the 90’s! I also have a very personal and special solo number to share with the audience.

These are unprecedented times, how does it feel to be a performer in 2022?

We move forward positively and we take what we have and we run with it! We can’t stress anymore, we have to try and do what we do and love those around us!

Apart from your show, what other shows would you recommend?

Ah there are so many wonderful shows!
I’m so excited to see Would you like thighs with that? – such a wonderful cast!
Aria is also returning and that is a beautiful show!
Club D’Amour looks super exciting to and it’s so nice to see so much local talent!

Describe your show in 3 words:

Fun, perky, positive!

You can check out Drag Diva Spectacular: Good Times until 22nd January 2020. TICKETS

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FRINGEWORLD 2021 | Kiara with a K: The Silver Screen | 5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

It’s Talent with a T, not talent with a t cos talent with a t is me not KIARA! I lowkey love that joke but understand if you all cringe – something you won’t be doing at Kiara with a K: The Silver Screen. Yes, Perth the Macri sisters are back and this time they bring you the classics from the silver screen – I mean it’s in the title – from musical numbers from the classics like Singin’ In The Rain and Laurel & Hardy to modern gems like Moulin Rouge and even LaLa Land. Every single number is perfectly choreographed, perfectly sung, and perfectly performed by a perfect Fringe troupe – earning every one of those five stars.

Starting things off with a sizzle, the dancers begin with Chicago’s opening number, All That Jazz and it is nothing short of stunning. Kiara sings the hell out of the song – which on the surface seems to be a rather trite thing to say, but in a world of people who belt the top notes of All That Jazz, Kiara sees the belters and raises them with a wonderfully trained singing voice. She hits every damn note and it is – ooh, chef’s kiss! The opening number is the perfect blend of comedy, amazing vocals, smooth and fluid dance moves, and undeniable chemistry and serves as a taster for the whole show. From stuffing up the Fosse fan turn to getting a bit too carried away with the jazz hands, these girls prove that women can be pretty – pretty funny, pretty talented, pretty awesome.

Holding the whole thing together is the incredibly hilarious Nicola Macri. She has such natural comic timing, never missing a beat. Embracing her musical theatre geekery perhaps a little daggier than the others – they all get to look super sexy while showing their love for a tap dance number – Nicola is quick, hilarious, and incredibly knowledgeable. She does so much more than host – proving to be an accomplished dancer in her hilarious turn as Oliver Hardy alongside Lucy Lovegun‘s Stan Laurel, a brilliant comedienne when chasing gin, and has pretty impressive pipes to boot. I said that Nicola Macri is one to watch, and I’ll say it again – she’s one to watch over and over again.

Of course, what Kiara show would be complete without her beautiful cabaret acts? Aleisha Archer shows off her hot shoe shuffle in a tribute to Lala Land – she’s poised, elegant, and her feet move faster than your eyes can track. The stunning Polly St. Pearl scintillates with her sensual striptease to Moulin Rouge‘s Diamonds mashup. Her outfits are breathtaking, and she looks amazing in and out of them. Both acts strike the perfect balance between sexy cabaret act and funny, chorus girl. A tightrope that Lucy Lovegun has been walking her entire career – seriously, how can someone be so hilarious and so attractive at the same time? Lovegun slays in her Make ‘Em Laugh striptease – she brilliantly executes a ‘screwball’ version of a classic strip while also killing it with a rubber-faced comedy routine. It’s equal parts funny and sexy – especially the ending!

Speaking of facial expressions, none can beat the sheer comedic prowess that Veruca Sour possesses. Her sarcastic, exaggerated dragging of the mouth, big eyes, and heavily drawn on make-up are cartoonish and carefully crafted – she’s the stage-born lovechild of Theda Bara and Betty Boop. Every hip thrust is hilarious, Sour locks eyes with the audience and digs in! Her loosey-goosey, madcap style will stick in your mind long after your choc top has melted. Of course, the show is mostly about Kiara – she is the Judy Garland of her own variety night – kicking things off with aplomb and proudly boosting her colleagues and family. Kiara is the ultimate showgirl – she has clearly studied every single musical movie and boy does that education pay off! From incredibly sexy and funny striptease from Nine to a particularly heartbreaking rendition of Maybe This Time from Cabaret, Kiara not only does every note justice but she more than holds her own against her idol. Every time Kiara is on stage, you are enamoured. What a bright spark of pure talent. Kiara commands the crowd and uses every bit of her singing and dancing prowess to its full advantage. She is a delight to watch.

And just like that, it’s over. The Macri sisters end on a hilarious and quite sweet moment, belting out Easy Street from Annie, a song that sends delighted ripples through the crowd. Any Kiara with a K show is absolutely brilliant, but The Silver Screen illuminates the incredible talent and elevates them above so many other cabaret acts in FRINGEWORLD. You’ll be humming and toe-tapping long after the credits roll and the popcorn has been flossed from in between your teeth.

Kiara with a K: The Silver Screen ran as part of FRINGEWORLD 2021 but you can still catch the Macri sisters around HERE and HERE

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FRINGEWORLD 2021 | Drag Diva Spectacular: Love and Pride | 4 Stars

Review | Amanda Lancaster

Drag Diva Spectacular is one of the consistent sell out shows to grace the Perth Fringe Festival year after year. Award nominated time and again for the showstopping, sequin studded acts of such inimitable quality, this year’s edition Love & Pride is no exception. 
Join long standing hostess with the most-est Barbie Q and her fabulous team of drag divas: Veronica Jean Jones, Ruby Jewelz, Alexas Armstrong and Fay Rocious as they shimmy and shake it through a non-stop hour of powerhouse performances – and believe you me, nonstop means exactly that: nonstop!

It is impossible not to be in admiration of the the sheer energy and absolute talent all these delicious divas demonstrate and share with each audience. Their hard work and choreography is as always as seamlessly put together as these stunning ladies themselves. Connections Main Room is, as ever, the perfect backdrop to a drag show cabaret-fest, and the show makes full use of the fantastic space’s glitz, glamour, and flashing lights for all their worth! This troupe constantly have the audience either singing along in time with the lip-synching lovelies to tunes by Britney, Kylie and even the Spice Girls and Belinda Carlisle.

The audience are kept in stitches from the over-the-top antics and witty tongue in cheek quips and titillating tease and please moments. Think big lips, bigger hair, high cheekbones and higher hemmed skirts, it’s long lashes and even longer legs – we’re talking legs for days and days here folks. Whilst the fabulous divas five please, their man candy dancer duo tease so there is without doubt a little bit of something for all walks of life to enjoy from this show.
You might be asking what is it that makes this show so special and so formidable after all this time? 

The answer is that something, that essence from which creates and communicates the very heart and soul of each Drag Diva Spectacular show, and it’s right their in the title: Love and Pride.

You can see the sashaying yourself by clicking HERE

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