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FRINGEWORLD 2023 | Best Shows For Kids | Giveaways included!

Article | Laura Money

Navigating FRINGEWORLD can be hard at the best of times, but trying to organise shows for the whole family? Forget it! The Fourth Wall understands so we’ve put together a list of our favourite children’s shows for FRINGEWORLD 2023. Pay attention and you could even win some tickets!

Alex and Evie and the Forever Falling Rain | State Theatre Centre WA | Until 28th January 2023

In a world where it’s always raining, Alex and Evie form a strong bond and eventually go on a quest to stop the forever falling rain. It’s a charming and beautiful tale that will tug on the heartstrings. Alex and Evie and the Forever Falling Rain is a delightful story with all the epic elements – a talking cat, a quest with tasks and challenges on the way, and a charming fable-like premise that encourages listening to one another and developing friendships.

Check out our review from 2022 HERE and get your tickets HERE.

An Utterly Rubbish Adventure | State Theatre Centre WA | Until 28th January 2023

Join Mr Jim as he falls into the bin and has many awesome adventures on his way out. Playing all the characters, singing, and creating puppets from everyday items, James Hancox presents an instant classic. An Utterly Rubbish Adventure is an utterly brilliant show. It uses everyday items as puppets and play, creating a positive solution for the rubbish crisis. The gentle message of reusing and recycling manifests in a groovy song by the Inventor and the touching ending will make you want to do your trash better.

Check out our review HERE and get your tickets HERE.

Mr Snotbottom Comedian For Kids | The Hat Trick – Pleasure Garden | Until 29th January 2023

This hilarious kid’s comedian has perfected the art of children’s comedy – from stinky behaviour to silly jokes and lots of prat falls, Mr Snotbottom will have all the kids laughing. Kid go absolutely bonkers for the quirky and funny Mr Snotbottom – we’re giving away a family pass to see him on Sunday 29th January so comment below what your ultimate Fringe binge with kids looks like and go into the draw.

Check out our interview with Mr Snotbottom HERE and get your tickets HERE.

Strictly Barking | The Pocket – Pleasure Garden | Until 29th January 2023

This hilarious two-hander features crowd favourites Jon & Ollie as they tell the story of a lonely old man who befriends a homeless dog and they enter a ballroom dancing competition. There are hilarious characters, funny costumes, and amazing physical comedy. The kids get really involved, throwing fruit and balls all over the audience and literally calling out pantomime style. Their antics are 100% worth every penny spent on this delightfully funny show.

Check out our interview with Jon & Ollie HERE and get your tickets HERE.

The Listies – Make Some Noise! | State Theatre Centre WA | Until 29th January 2023

The Listies are a comedy duo who focus on music. They will get all the kids – and quite a few adults – up on their feet, dancing and singing along. It’s a classic comedy duo of straight man and silly man doing what they do best – making noise! Every song is hilarious, every dance move on point, and every audience interaction lands. These guys are great with a crowd – they know children well enough to contain their energy while also whipping them up into a frenzy – now that’s talent.

Check out our review HERE and get your tickets HERE.

Charlie Caper – Magical | The Gold Digger – Pleasure Garden | Until 5th February 2023

This absolutely charming magic show is the kind of gentle entertainment that is perfect for all ages. Caper is a gentleman and magician and every trick is subtle, not showy. There will be smiles of delight all around as Charlie shows off his greatest hits from 20 years of performing. We loved the show so much last time, we’re still trying to figure out how he did it!

Check out our interview with Charlie HERE and review of previous show HERE. Get your tickets HERE.

KABOOM! | The Hat Trick – Pleasure Garden | Until 12th February 2023

Hilariously neurodivergent self-confessed experimenter Magnus Danger Magnus is back in Perth making things explode! The show is literally him performing fun chemistry experiments and setting things, including himself on fire. There’s something for everyone – for the curious there’s his mantra: try it! For the showy there’s Magnus’s amazing stage presence and the science fist. For the cat lover there’s a cute surprise, and for the pyromaniacs…well there’s actually quite a bit for them!

Get your tickets HERE.

PreHysterical | The Aurora Spiegeltent – Pleasure Garden | Until 12th February 2023

A stone-age twist on your classic circus, these acrobats will have you shouting yabba-dabba-do! Headfirst Acrobats are known for their quirky themes and this is no exception. From outrunning predators, to finding food and grappling with stone-age technology this group of acrobats will dazzle through the ages.

Check out our interview with them HERE and get your tickets HERE.

VIKINGS! | The Gold Digger – Pleasure Garden | Until 19th February 2023

Go on the ultimate adventure with two VIKINGS! as they embark on a quest to find Thor’s hammer. VIKINGS! is the ultimate in children’s entertainment. It’s funny, charming, quirky, and shows off the talents of Norton and Bayliss perfectly. And the ending will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

We’re giving away a DOUBLE PASS to see the show so just comment below how you would lift Thor’s hammer to go into the draw.

Check out our interview with them HERE, our past review HERE and get your tickets HERE

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The Fourth Wall acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land we engage in storytelling on – the Wadjhuk people of the Noongar nation. We pay respects to their elders past, present, and emerging.


FRINGEWORLD 2022 FOCUS | ACE’S CABARET | Downstairs at the Maj just got hotter with great entertainment this Fringe season!

Feature | Laura Money

Downstairs at the Maj is the best place in Perth for year-round Cabaret entertainment but things just heated up for FRINGEWORLD 2022. ACE’S Cabaret are taking over with a fun and entertaining programme that highlights the best of the cabaret scene in Perth and beyond. From tributes to classic acts like Neil Diamond and ABBA to original musicals this summer season has it all. So, sit back, relax and let them entertain you!

CLUB SHUFFLE | Saturday 15th January | 6:00pm | 100 mins | TICKETS

Kicking things off with a star-studded opening night, Club Shuffle is a little bit of everything from the ACE’S programme. Shuffling 8 acts you’ll get a preview of these shows before booking in the whole thing. Each section will be the essence of the show, giving you a whirlwind tour of the entire deck. Come along and pick a hand – you’re guaranteed to love the hand you’re dealt with these winning selections.

HELL HATH NO FURY | 20th – 22nd January | 8:30pm | 70 mins | TICKETS

Zalia Joi brings a show that is hell-bent on working through pain and sorrow through song and trying to reconcile how to match up being a good person when people have treated you badly. It’s set in the basement of hell and features original music written around break-ups and healing. It’s a great night out with some amazing talent. You can read our review from last year HERE.

WALKING WITH CASH – LATE & ALONE | 31st Jan – 5th Feb | 7:00pm | 55mins | TICKETS

50 years ago Johnny Cash had a conversation with country music superstar Marty Robbins, where he said he always wanted to record an album called Johnny Cash – Late & Alone. Just his voice and a lone guitar. This show honours that intention. Join Charlie Scott where he will be “Walking with Cash – Late & Alone”

GIRLS GONE ABBA – THE SOUNDS OF MAMA MIA | 31st Jan – 5th Feb | 8:30pm | TICKETS

Girls Gone ABBA features five powerhouse performers putting the flare(s) back on stage with their hour-long love letter to the music of ABBA and the inspiration and hope of the Mama Mia movies. You’ll find yourself becoming a Dancing Queen and thanking these ladies for the music in a night of dancing and singing you’ll never forget. Check out our pun-filled review from last year HERE.

A SEATED WALKING TOUR OF WESTERN EUROPE | 7th – 12th February | 8:30pm | 55mins | TICKETS

Armed with only Google Street View, a big screen, and an enthusiastic but flawed knowledge of history, Andrew guides the audience through the great plazas, past the magnificent cathedrals, over the odd statues and into the seedy bars of Europe’s greatest cities and towns. See the things! Learn their stories! Get no exercise!

Never has a European walking tour been so quick, funny, covid-safe and indeed, cost effective.

COMMA SUTRA | 7th – 12th February | 7:00pm | 55m | TICKETS

Louisa’s found true love in the English language, but it’s hard being a grammar nerd when there are people selling ‘potato’s’ and misusing the word ‘literally’ at every turn. All she really wants is someone who’ll snuggle up with her on the couch and seductively whisper puns into her ear. Ideally in multiple languages. Is that too much to ask?

It’s nerdy. It’s pun-filled. And it might just make you want to learn a language… or at least start erasing those damn stray apostrophes on cafe blackboards.

You can check out the whole of ACE’S programming on the FRINGEWORLD 2022 website, HERE.

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WA Opera set to reach biggest audience with their GALA performance in the park this weekend

Article | Laura Money

Friday 26th and Saturday 27th February will mark the 30th anniversary of WA Opera‘s Opera in the Park – a huge summer concert that will this year be livestreamed so that everyone can see it even if they can’t make it to The Supreme Court Gardens. To mark this special achievement, West Australian Opera is rolling out West Australian stars for City of Perth Opera in the Park 30th Gala Concert which will feature audience favourites from the world of opera and musical theatre. The Fourth Wall caught up with Young Artist Brianna Louwen and Principal Artist Caitlin Cassidy ahead of the gala to get an insight into the show.

The real winner here is the audience – making the show accessible to all is a beautiful thing. Cassidy was highly impressed with Chris van Tuinen‘s artistic projects used to connect people during COVID, from podcasts to virtual operas and how he managed to keep WA Opera in front of Perth audiences. ‘It’s solutions like that that are going to keep opera alive and relevant in tough times.’ She doesn’t consider opera to be at war with technology, however they aren’t always associated with each other. Adapting and using technology to keep reaching out to people is key to revitalisation. Louwen says ‘there is a perception that opera is quite insular and it’s everyone just patting each other on the back, but I think we’re starting to get out into the community more and that’s the thing that will make longevity happen. I think having friends who aren’t opera singers and being a normal person helps too!’ Something else Louwen is interested in is all of the smaller opera companies around Perth: ‘they’re doing lesser known pieces in really interesting spaces and in really interesting ways, taking opera and putting it into a modern setting. Going down that niche route is always going to be successful.’

Opera in the Park will be live streamed across the Telethon Community theatres in Bassendean, Murdoch and Burswood which will generate a new audience entirely. You can also watch from home. ‘Having these televised artistic events is not a terribly new idea – like Leonard Bernstein’s young person’s guide to the orchestra series – but I think in Perth it’s taking off.’ Cassidy.

Cassidy believes in the importance of contributing to the opera scene in Perth – ‘I did travel overseas, I studied in New York and recently performed with Opera Australia in Sydney, but I do love to come home! I always like to come back and share and see the incredible work that Perth artists are doing.’ Louwen made the leap from choirs to opera in her chorus debut in Don Giovanni and feels pretty grateful to be able to do it. She made her principle debut last year in The Nightingale and can’t wait to turn her hand at Mozart in the coming year.

Cassidy doesn’t want people to be alienated by opera: ‘it’s an artistic language, nothing to be scared of and it’s for everyone.’

[Opera is] the human spirit brought to life

Caitlyn Cassidy

Being able to perform in the gala concert is such a special occasion for these ladies. Cassidy remembers the first time she got up on stage with WA Opera – she used to go to the opera on special occasions as a child, and remembers the first year becoming a Young Artist and performing on the His Majesty’s stage. She’s excited to be performing with her operatic heroes on stage in the gala and with her friends from WAAPA. Louwen is super happy to be in the Young Artist program as she always loved singing. She remembers watching Carmen when she was 14 years old and being totally amazed by it and realising that she wanted to do it – it’s exciting to stand on stage now and get to sing music from Carmen, bit of a dream come true. As Louwen is not a principal artist, she doesn’t get to do any solo reportoire but is having a ball singing in the ensemble pieces. All of the big, celebratory pieces are sung by ensembles – ‘There’s something really amazing about singing inside the crowd that’s wonderful. It’s nice to be able to perform as part of that in the gala concert.’

So, what will people get out of the gala concert this year? ‘The great thing about a gala is you don’t have to shape the singers around the opera, you can choose to show off all of these amazing singers in their best light using their best repotoire. I think it’s a nice light reprieve for everyone – it will be a big party!’ says Cassidy. While they haven’t been given a choice in pieces, Cassidy is over the moon to be duetting with Emma Matthews and Sara Maciver and can’t wait to bust out the Habenera from Carmen. The gala will feature all your favourites – it’s going to be a huge celebration and we can’t wait!

You get to hear some of the most iconic and beautiful pieces sung by the best singers in the world all on the doorstep of Perth. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Briannah Louwen

You can check out Opera in the Park from the comfort of your home HERE

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Top shows to see after LOCKDOWN this FRINGEWORLD 2021

Article | Laura Money

Are you champing at the bit to get out and about again after lockdown? Pop your mask on, and throw open your door because FRINGEWORLD 2021 is back on, baby! So, after a week of the spotlight only shining from your fridge and always getting a front row seat on your couch it’s time to perfect that cat-eye and finally see some live theatre again. Not sure what to see, but want to support the artists? We’ve got you covered with our top Post-Lockdown Shows to see.


Mark McGowan has laid down the law and decreed that the only people allowed to dance in this post-lockdown period are wedding guests, dance studios – and FRINGEWORLD performers! Sucks to be the ballet, right now. Fringe is never short of dance shows but here are our recommendations:

80’s Mixtape | 5th – 7th Feb

A circus cabaret that pays tribute to the bygone days of big hair and leg warmers? We’re in! Be dazzled as circus artists display feats of strength and grace both in the air and on the ground. Set to a catchy playlist of 80’s tracks that are sure to have you bopping along in your seats. The MC is the amazing Andrew Silverwood – a Fourth Wall favourite. Check out our review of his solo show HERE to find out more.

A-Z of Dance | 5th – 14th February

Dave Callan (MICF Gala, JJJ, Rove) & dancers return to dance you backwards through the alphabet from Zorba to Aerobics. See why Dave’s 80s aerobics video got half a million views on Facebook alone! Callan is always hilarious and if you can’t dance along, you might as well watch a big hairy Irishman cavort about the stage. Wait until you get to ‘S’ – Beyonce will never look the same again!


Life is a cabaret, old chums – so come to the FRINGEWORLD cabaret! Let’s be honest, this kind of thing is better live – and not just from your own living room. We see you belting out your favourite showtunes while decluttering your kitchen cupboards, now it’s your turn to hear someone else!

Big Stupid Fun Club | 5th, 10th – 12th February

During lockdown, the legendary Tomas Ford rallied the troops together and put on a livestream of fringe artists all to raise money for artists whose shows were affected by the sudden closure. If that isn’t enough reason to support this remarkable man, I can also say he’s a really good performer. Big Stupid Fun Club is a bunch of circus, burlesque, comedy and other performers all putting on the ultimate variety night, so go and check it out!

Reuben Kaye & The Kaye Hole | Until 14th Feb

Reuben Kaye is amazing; the show perfectly walks the line between hilarious and tear jerking and Reuben Kaye is overall a phenomenal performer. Armed with a powerful voice, an immaculate stage presence and tear inducing hilarity, Kaye takes you on a journey through the ups and downs of his life in an entertaining, and at times, heart wrenching performance spectacular.

And for late-night debauchery look no further than The Kaye Hole – a variety night like no other. You can’t tell us it’s on too late as if you weren’t binge watching Bridgerton till 2am ‘just for the drama.’ See what we had to say about the shows HERE and HERE.


If being stuck at home for five days with nothing todo but try all the restaurants that deliver via UberEats, has taught us anything it’s that we’re not that funny. Ok, I might have convinced myself that my cat’s meow of derision is a laugh and that I should work on a tight five but let’s be real – comedy should be left to the professionals. Lucky for us, there are some damn good acts still going!

Luke Bolland: Beside Himself | 6th – 14th Feb

Luke Bolland is a Fourth Wall fave! We have seen pretty much everything he has ever done – or so we thought. Beside Himself takes you through the multiverse of Lukes and presumably the multiverse of reviewing – see my brain is itchy now! Thank goodness this show is light on the science and heavy on the laughter. It’s a great way to see how you could have responded to lockdown but will be thankful that you didn’t. Check out our review HERE.

Attenborough and his Animals | 6th – 14th Feb

Getting sick of not being able to travel? Well, calm down Karen – none of us can. I don’t know about you, but I’ve watched a lot of Attenborough in my time. So, how do you combine your love of nature documentaries with a desire to get out and about? Go and see this show, of course! It’s a hilarious live docco in which they play all of the animals – just see it to believe it! Check out what we thought about the show HERE.


Step right up and enjoy a night of circus! The carnie folk who live an itinerant life are used to ups and downs but maybe not lockdowns. If you found yourself climbing the walls during lockdown you’ll be in good company when you see these acrobats – once you figure out how to eat popcorn through a mask…

Off Chops | Fri & Sat nights till 13th Feb

With the nightclubs shut, Off Chops might be the closest you’ll get to an all night banger. Featuring comedy, acrobats, and impressive aerials, this will be the best night out, in but while out you’ll ever get! Check out our review HERE.

Elixir | 5th – 14th Feb

We get it, you’re home alone with a big collection of ‘elixir’ – we’re not going to judge. But wouldn’t it be better to go out and enjoy elixir with friends? These boys are fun and good looking with so much talent. Elixir is an instant smash-hit! It’s circus and comedy – a clever and fun night out, with more than enough cheek from these incredibly sexy men. Go and drink your own elixirs and enjoy the boys! Check out what we had to say about them HERE.


There is absolutely nothing like the immediacy of live theatre. The thrill as you take your seat and the lights go down. The hush that falls over the crowd – hell the crowd itself! Staring at a screen doesn’t quite feel right does it? Go and see some theatre gems the minute you get the chance.

With Fire in her Heart: The Edith Cowan Story | 6th & 7th Feb

I’m tempted to just say WOW and leave it at that! This show is everything that The Fourth Wall loves about theatre. It is brilliantly written, intelligently composed, dynamically directed, and acted with its own fire in its heart. And it’s based on a true story about a woman we should all know more about. See our FIVE STAR review HERE.

FIRE | 5th – 14th Feb

Two sisters, two sides, and everything that has been left unsaid. Holly and Lyss haven’t seen each other for years, so of course, living together was the perfect way to reconnect. FIRE follows two women as they discover how to be sisters once again and the culture that continues to call them home. See our interview with writer Ebony McGuire HERE.


Disney in Drag: Once Upon A Parody & Up Late: A Perverted Parody | 6th – 13th Feb

Ok, ok, so both of these shows have sold out, but new restrictions have meant that not all tickets holders will even get to see the shows! Fourth Wall urges you to get down to FRINGEWORLD half an hour early, pull up our reviews and have a cheeky read while waiting in line because you don’t want to miss these guys and girls in action. Subvert the norm, sing along, bust out your evil Queen and you’re guaranteed a happy ending. Check out our review HERE.

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5 Indigenous Acts to support in FRINGEWORLD 2021

Article | Laura Money

The Fourth Wall wishes to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land that FRINGEWORLD 2021 occurs on – the Wadjuk people of the Noongar Nation. We wish to pay respect to their elders past, present, and emerging. We understand that sovereignty was never ceded and that all of the shows we see take place on this land.

There are some wonderful First Nations acts in FRINGEWORLD 2021, from full theatre pieces, to comedy, to community events – here are 5 things to do to support Aboriginal and black artists this year.

Image: Jessica Wyld

Birak Concert | Supreme Court Gardens | Tuesday 26th January – 2pm | FREE

This event is always a winner – the line-up is cracking, and the fun is inclusive! Celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures, the annual Birak Concert boasts a stellar line up of indigenous entertainment. In addition to the jam packed stage schedule, there will be plenty of kids entertainment, exciting workshops, delicious food vendors and more.

Phil Walley-Stack

An Evening With Phil Walley-Stack | Midland Junction Arts Centre | Sat 30th Jan – 7pm

Join Noongar singer-songwriter Phil Walley-Stack for an evening of pop-rock fusion as he brings his unique style of performance to Midland Junction Arts Centre. Featuring lighting and selected visuals, Phil’s performances are a cultural fusion of traditionally inspired contemporary works with western sounds. Walley-Stack’s harmonious mix of melodies have enchanted and captivated audiences across the world during his ten years spent touring internationally. His raw talent and unique style of storytelling and humour is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat, with a performance combining past and present for a truly exciting experience.

Get your tickets for a great evening with Phil Walley-Stack HERE

Image: Tasha Faye

FIRE | The Girls School | 30 Jan – 14 Feb – 7:30pm

Kalyakoorl Collective is a new theatre company featuring female-led first nation narratives. FIRE follows two women as they discover how to be sisters once again and the culture that continues to call them home. Two sisters, two sides, and everything that has been left unsaid. Holly and Lyss haven’t seen each other for years, so of course, living together was the perfect way to reconnect. But what happens when the memory you had of someone you held so close, is a far distance from who stands in front of you now?

This show looks so up our alley, it’s like there’s a lit up sign that says Fourth Wall reserved seats here! The ladies from Kalyakoorl are brilliant writers and performers so we have no doubt that this show is going to be amazing – but we’ll definitely be packing the tissues!

You can join us in the front row of FIRE by getting your tickets HERE

Yoowalkoorl – Come On, Come Here | Midland Junction Arts Centre | 27 – 30 Jan – From 10am | FREE

Bringing together Aboriginal artists from across Western Australia with connections to Aboriginal Arts Centre Hub of Western Australia (AACHWA) and Midland Junction Arts Centre, Yoowalkoorl, meaning come on, come here in Bibbulmum/Noongar, is a blend of exhibition and marketplace celebrating the work of Indigenous artists from across the state. Yoowalkoorl – Come On, Come Here presents work by local Aboriginal artists alongside work from AACHWA members Martumili Artists, Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre, Nagula Jarndu Designs, Papulankutja Artists, Tjarlirli Art Centre, Tjukurba Art Gallery/Birriliburu Artists, Warakurna Artists, Waringarri Aboriginal Arts and Kira Kiro Kalumburu Art Centre.

Black Laughs Matter | Universal Bar | 6 February – 8:10pm

Bringing together all the best ethnic comedians of the fringe to raise funds and awareness for the Black Lives Matter Movement by shedding some much-needed light & laughter to this cause. Please note that a portion of ticket sales will be donated to a WA non-government organisation directly supporting the goals of the BLM movement.

You can support the artists HERE

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