FRINGEWORLD 2023 | Feeling Way Too Good: Songs of Michael Buble | 4.5 Stars

Review | Brandon Shier

Lisa Woodbrook wants you to know how good she’s feeling. She’s feeling way too good about getting older, about crying, about being single, but she’s especially feeling way too good about performing for you the songbook of everyone’s favourite crooner, Michael Bublé, in her show Feeling Way Too Good: Songs of Michael Bublé. Dressed vibrantly in a pink blazer and pants that match her infectious energy, engaging in playful musings on life, how could the audience not feel way too good as well?

Over the course of an hour, she charmingly channels Bublé, backed by a five-piece band as they perform his original songs such as “Haven’t Met You Yet” and “Everything”, and the songs he’s made famous for a more contemporary audience, such as “Sway” and “Feelin’ Good”, all of which she performs with such easy confidence and a playful swagger. Watching her fit right in with the band but also stand out, you really do get the sense that the self-proclaimed “strong independent woman who can reverse parallel park” is really enjoying herself, effortlessly performing vocal athletics with a smile. Woodbrook is not only a talented performer, she’s also a jovial people-person as she keeps audience interaction to the maximum, encouraging us to sing along like we’re WAAPA students, share with her our pet peeves, and just to sway our hands in the air as she sings the more romantic of Bublé’s catalogue. Preceding each song is a hilarious anecdote relating to the song she’s about to sing, for example, bragging about her Frequent Flyer points before taking off with “Come Fly With Me” (pun absolutely intended).

The hour flies by, and could easily go for another (this reviewer wishes she threw in a couple of Bublé’s Christmas carols into the setlist, time of year be damned!), yet the show is flawless, gracefully performed both by Woodbrook and her band, and really will leave you feeling way too good

Go and feel good with Lisa at the State Theatre Centre WA until 29th January 2023. TICKETS

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