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Review | Laura Money

Weeping Spoon Productions presents VEHICLE a hilarious two-hander featuring Sam Longley and Shane Adamczak in their elements – telling a story, making each other laugh, and showing off some sharply honed theatre skills. The premise is simple – two comedy performers on a road trip to perform in a show in the middle of nowhere. The set is even simpler, featuring two chairs and a steering wheel which Longley wields quite accurately I have to say. A cartoon background is projected behind them and they are good to go. Shane is annoying from the outset – it’s explained in the show that they are really just playing an extension of themselves but some of Shane’s schtick is a bit too much, I feel it’s a little put on. The essence of his annoyance though is great – like being trapped in a car with Spongebob Squarepants, Shane loudly devours all the snacks, plays absurd games, and drinks water in the most ridiculous fashion. He’s great at physical comedy, throwing himself here there and everywhere for a gag. Sam and Shane play to their strengths and use their skills doing improv comedy to create realistic scenes with multiple people. Each character features a strong sense of identity and it is clear who they are portraying at any given moment.

Sam is not very good in the role of straight man – because he’s absolutely hilarious himself. Part of Sam’s improv style is to facilitate and let the other people in the scene shine and he probably indulges Shane a little too much but when he has his moments he gives 100%. From the most annoying character ever encountered on a plane (how tall are you, anyway?) to his surreal turn as Shane’s appendix, Sam is a class act. It’s clear that these two are having the time of their lives, when Sam continues to add lines into a scene and Shane tries so hard not to laugh it’s an insight into their process.

VEHICLE breaks down the conventions of theatre and takes the piss out of them. Shane pulls the WAAPA card and laughingly justifies the techniques used in the writing process, and Sam goes on an all too real rant about mime, but listen closely because the names are hilarious. This duo are perfect for each other, their chemistry is through the roof and VEHICLE is an indie, off-beat comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously – perfect for Fringeworld 2023.

You can catch all the road trip antics at the State Theatre Centre WA until 23rd January 2023. TICKETS

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