REVIEW | Earthside | Giving birth, no one can hear you scream…

Review | Laura Money

Entering The Blue Room Theatre for Earthside feels a lot like boarding a space-craft. You are greeted by performer Kaitlin Tinker dressed in a boiler suit looking every bit like Ellen Ripley herself. Once you’re strapped in and ready for launch, Tinker gently guides you through her traumatic birth story. But don’t worry – this show isn’t tragic or even depressing (granted, it may be triggering for some but does not seek to minimise people’s experiences) it is a truth-telling memoir using the impressive metaphor of space travel and female autonomy in film.

Using space travel as an analogy for childbirth, Tinker navigates her way through the story with humour and multiple references to science fiction. Much like childbirth, a theatre piece is not a one-woman show and Earthside features a great set consisting of a shuttle chair with multiple compartments and stunning graphics by Jeremy Turner create a space-like quality. Tinker ties her story together brilliantly, prefacing it with ‘yes, at some point something will burst from my chest’ and we all wait for it to happen. The alien chest-bursting is such a clever reference – it’s the sci-fi equivalent of ‘the money shot’ and the only part people usually care about in any birth story – boy or girl? Did it cry? Ok, I guess we’re all done now (no consideration for the placenta or stitches or even the mother’s well-being.)

Tinker is a great performer. She is highly engaging and goes through every bit of her story again and again. Her dogged determination to be heard is touching and even though there are lots of laughs, expect a few tears to escape too. Earthside is touching and funny, performed with guts by a super badass mother – it’s childbirth but not as you know it.

You can catch Earthside at The Blue Room Theatre until 7th May 2022. TICKETS

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