FRINGEWORLD 2022 | Dolly Parton: Here I Come Again | 4 Stars

Review | Amanda Lancaster

Think you know Dolly? Well, I bet you’ve never seen Dolly done like this! Dolly Parton: Here I Come Again is the second instalment of the performative love letter that takes us through drag diva Barbie Q’s number one crush.

Barbie Q is probably the most well known and loved name on the drag scene in Perth and a community fan favourite with crowds year after year. This is one diva that puts her heart and soul into absolutely every last thing that she does. Be it emceeing, performing, choreographing or producing and my god does it show. With so many fabulous drag and cabaret shows available around the fringe time of year it takes a real powerhouse to continue to draw sell-out crowds night after night to each and every one of their shows. Barbie Q is that powerhouse, her name is synonymous with perfection and quality and this latest show is no exception.

Barbie Q is a fabulous Dolly Parton, a perfect homage and tribute to the country starlet’s name. Both ladies are well known for radiating positivity, smiles, a sassy whip quick tongued sense of humour and of course assets we could only all dream of being in possession of. Barbie Q’s always spectacularly over the top costumes and attitude are perfect to play everyone’s favourite busty blonde. Dolly would be proud!

Dolly Parton: Here I Come Again is quite literally a show all about Dolly Parton. But don’t let that put you off.  This reviewer can vouch for the fact that if you aren’t a lover of country or the cowgirl songstress to start with, you sure as heck will be by the end of the hour. With a Dolly fan by my side and the embodiment of the lady on stage in front of us it was impossible not to be swept along by the infectious nature of it all.

Her music, her outfits, her sass, her style are all showcased in a nonstop singalong upon the always glamourous setting and stage of the Connections Nightclub venue. You can expect a whole lotta sequins, smiles and songs by Miss Dolly Parton, lots of tunes that you know and love and some you didn’t even know were from our starlet. Dolly is accompanied of course by the always talented backup dancers. A group of the most energetic and energizing boys and girls to date. The choreography doesn’t miss a beat as Dolly struts her stuff amongst not only her dancers but the audience too.

And what would any good cabaret show be without a little variety hmm? Well, you can rest assured Dolly has definitely bought some friends with her this time around, including Tammy Wynette, Billy Ray Cyrus and Kenny Rodgers. Yep, It’s a full blown ho down of country camp you are about to be treated to my friends, so get ready to put those boot scooting moves to good use! Dolly Parton: Here I Come Again is a show born out of the love of Big Hair, Big Voices, Big Dreams, Big personality and of course Big Boobs. So, folks, what are you waiting for? Time to mosey on down to the box-office and get yourself tickets to a heck of a good time.

You can grab your tix to the Dolly show at Connections until 12th February 2022. TICKETS

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