Review, Summer Nights

SUMMER NIGHTS 2022 | Takatapui | REVIEW

Review | Laura Money

Writer and performer Daley Rangi slowly but surely details the events of a single night of a (bad doesn’t even come close) dating experience. Amidst a haunting soundscape elegantly designed by Anesu Matondo, the effect of candid storytelling akin to a beat poet’s is jolting in its impact. Armed only with a microphone, a mixing board, and a magnetic personality they unpack the events with an emotionally haunting eloquence. Takatapui is a proud piece of theatre that invites you in for a symbolic embrace (Daley doesn’t like physical ones) and holds you in their kind openness.

Rangi’s commitment to your comfort is refreshingly welcome as they ensure the door remains open. Such a simple gesture is enough to sum up the show – it demonstrates kindness, an understanding of healing processes, and invites contemplation – all present in Rangi’s story. Interspersed between explorations of sound, random thoughts, philosophical ones, and disco interludes, Takatapui is part story and part philosophy, it both recounts it and reflects on it, hoping that by thinking deeply around trauma one can rewrite the narrative. Rangi’s is a powerful voice in the world. They probe their bruises and display them as badges of honour but wish they weren’t there at all. The story is approached in a free written monologue that is lyrical and humourous and painfully beautiful. It experiments with sound and manipulates parts of the story to provide a bigger impact – horrendous refrains of hate language on repeat but altered in an attempt to parody them into insignificance.

Takatapui deftly pulls the chaotic thoughts from a neurodivergent head and weaves them into a stunning piece of spoken word literature. Rangi is an instantly sympathetic figure, enveloping the audience with their emotional prose and gentle soul. The intensity rises in parts, spiking when recalling violence but also anxious thoughts. Strap in to the roller coaster that is Takatapui because although it’s a bit of a scary ride, the view is beautiful and Rangi will keep you safe.

You can catch all the action with Daley at The Blue Room until 12th February 2022. TICKETS

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The Fourth Wall acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land we engage in storytelling on – the Wadjhuk people of the Noongar nation. We pay respects to their elders past, present, and emerging.

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