Review, Summer Nights

SUMMER NIGHTS 2022 | Leo/Taurus/Taurus | REVIEW

Review | Laura Money

Are you INFJ? Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? What are your humours like? What kind of cupcake are you? These questions and many more are explored in this rich and humourous piece of theatre, stunningly performed by five exceptional talents and created by a loving team of artists. This warm hug of a show explores humanity’s obsession with labels and boxes, proving an innate sense of wanting to fit in and be seen. It’s a fun and fresh approach to an age old phenomenon, and despite being funny it’s also deep and contemplative.

Beginning with the four young performers standing together looking up as constellations are projected throughout the room. The gentle stylings of live sound designer Georgina Cramond washing over them as they examine people’s obsession with the stars – astrology and astronomy alike. Ruby Liddelow, Andrea Lim, Lily Murrell and Lainey O’Sullivan all take a different way of categorising people and explore it in a series of spoken word pieces, sketches, dance, comedy, and song that are fun and memorable. From the little singing plant who wants to meet their perfect Taurus owner, to the Four Humours enjoying very different experiences at King’s Park the show is punctuated by contemplation and introspection. Cramond’s sound design and music is stunning – vibing with the performers in a perfect match. Their chemistry is heartwarming, and this cute little indie show will keep you grinning all night, even as you try to figure out what kind of personality you have.

Murrell is hilarious as she attempts to guess an audience member’s star sign based on a series of questions. The idea of star signs, these little feudal system-rigid trait spinners is scrutinised alongside more ancient ideas. Murrell also slays as a Kinsey-type professor delivering a ‘Bed Talk’ about love languages. Nods and chuckles of assent as people recognise their traits turning to laughter at her whacky antics. Liddelow tackles ancient ideals with a humour-filled explanation of the humours – her calm demeanour playful and not quite convincing. Lim is so funny leaning into the #metime stereotype and gives an impassioned monologue about identity in a moment of introspection. It is O’Sullivan however that has the task of delving into the Meyer’s-Briggs test and approaches it in a hilarious Russian accented piece of audience participation that is eagerly received.

As much fun as it is putting oneself in a box and agreeing to personality tests when they’re flattering (hello Gryffindor) but scoffing when they’re not (Hufflepuff? Huff…), Leo/Taurus/Taurus recognises the dangers of relying too much on arbitrary forces or questions to determine identity. Autonomy, wisdom, experience, and intuition all combine to create our distinctions – a conclusion drawn by the amazing devisors of the show. But then again, Murrell is right when it comes to the audience member’s star sign, so who knows? From this Ravenclaw, Sanguine, ENTP, Pisces reviewer, I say it’s still a topic worth exploring. Oh, I’m also a vanilla-matcha cupcake, FYI!

You can see which type you are at The Blue Room until 12th February 2022. TICKETS

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