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SUM UP SUMMER NIGHTS | Michelle Endersby | Leo/Taurus/Taurus

Michelle Endersbee is the Director and Designer of Leo/Taurus/Taurus a newly devised theatre piece currently on at The Blue Room Theatre as part of their SUMMER NIGHTS 2022 programme. We caught up ahead of the show to see what we can expect.

What is your show about?

Leo/Taurus/Taurus is about identity, and the languages we use to work out what that is.
There is a long history of human beings trying to figure out who they are and their place in the world; astrology has been around a lot longer than most religions; this doesn’t make it necessarily any more true, but I think its staying power speaks to our collective desire to be understood.

Through songs, poetry, music, and storytelling, we’re going to explore the languages we use in our search for who we are – from Myers-Briggs to Hogwarts Houses.

Favourite part of the show, no spoilers!

There is so much goodness it’s hard to say! There is a pretty amazing song written by one of the cast that I’ve had stuck in my head for weeks that I can’t wait to share with audiences (and for it to get stuck in their heads too).

How important is the Summer Nights program to the Perth Theatre scene? 

SO Important! The support and guidance we’re receiving from The Blue Room Theatre is so valuable and inspiring. The program is chock full of incredible WA talent, and the opportunity to make shows alongside other emerging artists, and some more seasoned pros, is such a privilege.

Apart from your show, what other Summer Nights shows would you recommend?

All of them look so good! But She’s Terribly Greedy has our very own Lily Murrell performing in it, so that’s a must see. I think that’s all I’ll say, otherwise I’ll probably just list the entire program.

Describe your show in 3 words:

Sparkly identity crisis.

You can catch Leo/Taurus/Taurus at The Blue Room Theatre until 12th February 2022. TICKETS

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The Fourth Wall acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land we engage in storytelling on – the Wadjhuk people of the Noongar nation. We pay respects to their elders past, present, and emerging.

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