FRINGEWORLD 2022 | ARCANA: The Devil’s Temptation | 3.5 Stars

Review | Amanda Lancaster

Arcana: the tarot, the deck of fortune, the cards are dealt, and all the major players are there. 

The Devil is unveiled. A representation of attachment to ideologies and behaviors, the worship of pleasures and the taboo. He is addiction, compulsion, fixation but most of all The Devil represents Temptation. Prepare to be tempted like never before folks by this latest show, Arcana: The Devil’s Temptation.

Whiskey A’More Entertainment presents as always one hell of a show. With the empress card and high priestess of provocateurs herself at the imaginative helm of another round in the arcanaseries this show is bound to be a hit with the crowds. Last year’s Arcana: Order of the Divine was all about good fortune and the lighter more sublime side of life and divination. This year things have taken on a slightly darker themed tone to the cards the audience finds themselves being dealt over the sixty minute performance as he devilishly delicious prince of darkness, leads them into temptation.

Sam Madame is absolute perfection as the fallen star that is Lucifer, the evening’s emcee, and show-stealing Satan. Such a statuesque commanding presence and voice to match, you will want to melt like butter once this hand some devil starts reciting prose. Legs for days, cheeky as all get out and cheekbones you could cut yourself on, I dare you to not be seduced just a little if this is what evil comes dressed as.

Look out for The Lovers; played by of course by the only name synonymous with this theme, Duo Rhapsody. There is no one else on the fringe scene that embodies the lovers more perfectly than these two. Everything you will ever see this partnership perform is revoltingly and heartachingly beautiful and their depiction of the temptation of Adam, Eve and the apple is of course no exception.

Every performer on the night is a fabulous stand-alone talent of dance, burlesque, contortion and more, how could it not be when the performers include such well-known names as Essie Foxglove and Whiskey A’more amongst the list of acts.

A standout of the night is definitely by far newcomer Danisa Snake. I mean WOW. Never have I been so happy to see the Death card dealt. The symbol for rebirth and life altering changes. Have you ever seen a snake shed its skin? Danisa Snake is serpent incarnate, the total embodiment of all things deadly and dangerous. Saucy and sexier than hell, who wouldn’t be tricked into absolutely anything by this act?

Each act of the night is loosely based around the tarot and the major Arcarna cards are the inspiration for each performance be it in title, aesthetic, theme or demonstrative offering upon the stage. Each performance is a transformative foray into the baser instincts of human and hellion alike, as we are treated to entrancing explorations of the push and pull between good and evil.

You aren’t told which cards are dealt until the very end, so you are constantly drawn to and subconsciously tempted by whichever acts Arcana speak to you personally the most. Tell me Perth, what is it you truly desire? Because I can tell you right now it’s a ticket to Arcana: The Devil’s Temptation.

You can catch all the devilish action at The Girls School until 13th February 2022. TICKETS

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The Fourth Wall acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land we engage in storytelling on – the Wadjhuk people of the Noongar nation. We pay respects to their elders past, present, and emerging.

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