FRINGEWORLD, on now, Review

FRINGEWORLD 2022 | P!NK: The Circus | 4.5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

Let’s ‘get this party started’ with BarbieQ and Kinetica as they provide a ‘feel good time’ and ‘raise your glass’ to the stunning circus and drag extravaganza right at home at The Royale Theatre – an arena-like venue ‘funhouse’ that barely contains the energy of this show. P!NK: The Circus takes the winning formula of previous collaboration Madonna: The Circus, The Icon and ramps it up a notch. With a killer soundtrack by a super badass super star, you’ll be clapping and singing along with the phenomenally talented crew and our very own badass super Queen!

Bursting onto the stage in a high-octane energetic dance routine BarbieQ and her dancers Haydn Shadforth, Kenisha Yam, Kade Sweeney and Elysha Atwell kick things off with everybody’s favourite ‘Get The Party Started’ and get it started they do! All the dances are super slick and entertaining, with fun and cheeky choreography that speaks to the theatricality of Pink as a performer. Handbalancers Karl Kayoss and Matthew Pope add poignancy and bittersweetness to ‘Just Like A Pill’ – their routine teasing out the nuanced lyrics of the song. Pope always impresses with routines that finely balance the grotesque with the beautiful, each movement considered and beautifully rendered. There’s the Harlequin tossed about in a Lyra routine to the f*ck it all anthem ‘Funhouse’ and the cheeky sexy cowboy Trapeze act that declares the performer as ‘Trouble’.

Sarah Ritchie stuns in her Silks performance to ‘Stupid Girls’. She twists and turns at times in a furious frenzy, attempting to escape her fate as a female performer in a chilling nude costume with surgical cutmarks drawn in marker pen all over her body. She’s used to being different and proves to be gloriously so in her brilliant Contortionist routine to ‘Just Like Fire’ a song which lends itself perfectly to the beautiful, yet jarring imagery of her contorted body. The show features Pink’s most popular chart toppers and a few hidden gems – music pulsing through the crowd as Ritchie takes to the Aerial Net expressing a sexual energy to forgotten banger ‘Fingers’. It’s a great metaphor and her skills in the net are second to none.

So much of Pink’s music deals with heartbreak and love and this is addressed in stunning routines and expression from BarbieQ’s sensitive rendering. Straps Aerialists Fay MacFarlane and Anthony Tran impress with an impactful routine to ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ – at times working with one another, and others against. It’s an aerial ballet where the figures intertwine and show dependence on one another whilst retaining their identities and autonomy. Drawn to each other’s strength, they write a love letter in the air with their bodies. Solo dancer Kenisha Yam and BarbieQ perform a moving scene to ‘A Million Dreams’ in a sentimental and beautiful tribute to motherhood.

P!NK: The Circus is a superstar show full of superstar performers. Rather than list each piece, I will just say go and see it for yourself. The music is guaranteed to be good – I mean, who doesn’t love blasting ‘So What’? Well how about blasting it while Karl Kayoss kills it in the Aerial Hammock? That’s what I thought! Every single performer and routine slays – the group dances and acrobatics are thoughtful and artfully choreographed around Pink’s music and those group dances are absolutely on point! So what are you waiting for? You know that Pink and Aerials are already synonymous so why not add in Kinetica and the rest of the circus – it just makes sense.

You can check out all the action and the banging tunes until 6th February 2022. TICKETS

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