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FIVE WITH FRINGE | Whisky A’More | ARCANA: The Devil’s Temptation

Whisky A’More is the powerhouse burlesque performer tearing up FRINGEWORLD 2022. Perennial Fringe fave, A’More is bringing temptation to the fore in their newest offering. We caught up ahead of the show to see what we’re in for!

What is your show about?

ARCANA: The Devil’s Temptation is a burlesque show with dance and contortion that is the second in the ARCANA series of shows that draws inspiration from the major arcana cards in a tarot deck for the initial inspiration for each act.

This year the show has a slightly darker vibe than last year’s ARCANA: The Order of the Divine, with our demonicly camp Devil taking us on a journey as he leaves hell to visit the World for a night and look at temptation and the different forms it may take. But as he sees, humans can push back on temptation and even bring about change, the dawn of new eras etc. The show takes us from evil to goodness, darkness to light, night to day, winter to summer. And it is when things get lighter and more positive, the Devil must return to hell.

Favourite part of the show, no spoilers!

I love that I’ve managed to curate an umbrella storytelling of temptation, presented by the Devil and carefully selected performances, which also has representation in many of the acts you see in the show as they may contain the message of temptation in addition to their tarot inspiration, even if it is just a thin thread of the temptation story.

But, heed my message – just like the mystique of divination (and this answer!), not everything is obvious and straightforward (ie no spoilers!) during the show! All acts take inspiration from major arcana tarot cards, but it’s just that… inspiration. The inspiration for the performance may come from the name of the tarot card, the the meaning of the card, or from some imagery you see on the card, but not necessarily all three.

This means ARCANA shows are not lessons in tarot 101 for beginners, nor do they always include a direct and obvious representation of each card. It is about the inspiration and different levels that the tarot cards can create, represent, and be interpreted, seeing where all these incredible artists can take the element of the card that inspires them the most, what that makes them think of and feel, and how that can be represented in their trademark performance style (and bonus points for also linking it to the overall story of temptation for this year!).

However, if you pay attention to what the Devil says and does at various points in the show, you may notice that they are always foretelling what cards will be inspiring the next few acts, but sometimes it’s in obscure clues and references to some element of the card (such as name, meaning, or imagery) – it’s all there if you pay attention! There is an extra layer of entertainment in sometimes seeing the cards slowly and subtly reveal itself throughout the actual performances if you didn’t pick up on our Devil’s hidden messages.

But it doesn’t really matter if you don’t immediately recognise what card has inspired each performance, as each act is an inspired delight to watch, even if they far depart from an obvious interpretation of the cards.

These are unprecedented times, how does it feel to be a performer in 2022?

It feels a bit like de ja vu for me, as last year’s ARCANA was presented immediately after the snap lockdown and audiences had to wear masks and we were subject to the 4 square meters rule. It was really unsettling and challenging for most artists and producers, and it still is today. But I just hope that mask mandates and double vaxx mandates don’t put audiences off coming to our shows and being as loud and supportive they always are, as we all know how much burlesque performers love hearing those whoops and cheers during a performance! We’ve definitely all become experts a smizing (smiling with our eyes) since the pandemic started, haven’t we?!

Apart from your show, what other shows would you recommend?

Oh, I have SO MANY recommendations! I’ll try keeping this short!
Tomas Ford’s A Bit Too Edinburgh Fringe
Britingo! (and if you win the unicorn, can you please donate it to your friendly local Scottish burlesque performer?!)
ZAP Circus’ CIRCUS FIRE Spectacular!
Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale: Absolute Chaos!
Creme de la creme
Down Rebound
The B- Plot Girls
The Hilary Duff Film Re-Enactment Festival!


Describe your show in 3 words:

Hotter than hell!

You can catch all the devilish action at The Girls School until 13th February 2022. TICKETS

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