FRINGEWORLD 2022 | Luke Bolland: Bubble Boy | 4 Stars

Review | Laura Money

The incomparable Luke Bolland has done it again! Off the back of his biggest year of comedy that never happened, Bolland brings an honest and hilarious account of life in Perth’s Covid bubble in Bubble Boy. Bolland recounts the annus horribilus of 2021 through the eyes of a top notch comedian, grounded in his hometown. There is love for our many attributes, a gentle ribbing of Gosnells, and a few domestic stories too. Bolland may be stuck here, but we’re pretty lucky that he his – a year ‘off’ has only served to sharpen his talent and allowed him to craft a finely tuned hour of comedy.

A few years ago, Bolland won a competition that was going to send him on tour to the USA. In 2021. I’ll let that one sink in. The cheery Bolland manages to see the bright side instead honing his skills on a tour of…southwest WA. That’s right, folks, this show is a whole hour of stories about Perth! As mundane as this sounds, Bolland’s tounge-in-cheek jibes against the Forrest Place cactus sculpture and having a cheeky dig at Gosnells in front of bikies is so funny as it hits home. Bolland crafts a brilliant show – with stories that are reprised, he is the callback King. Honestly, everything is perfectly set up from nasty nannas to hilarious one-upmanship with his wife, Bolland just nails it.

Bubble Boy is a masterclass in stand-up comedy. Bolland doesn’t just tell jokes, he breaks down the art of stand-up, explaining how to craft material and demonstrating his fifteen years in the industry with flair. He artfully jokes about wanting to go to the US so he can show them what realistic Aussie men look like – this joke regarding self-depreciating body image is subtly peppered throughout the whole show, culminating in the payoff. Bolland takes the theme of bagging out Perth but keeps us all onside, eyes twinkling as he explains that Perth is the state that every other state makes fun of. He laughs but in the manner of ‘only we can say it’ – like making fun of a sibling. Luke Bolland: Bubble Boy is the hottest show about Perth in Perth – because it can’t go anywhere else!

You can catch Bubble Boy at The Pleasure Garden until 13th February 2022. TICKETS

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