FRINGEWORLD 2022 | Double Entendre | 4 Stars

Review | Amanda Lancaster

Love a little bit of sassy innuendo and cheeky undertone to how you get through your day? Then this show is definitely the one…or should that be two… for you. Whisky A’more presents her newest intoxicating entertainment and she’s making it a double, Double Entendre that is.

One of the biggest names in the burlesque scene since 2014, Whiskey A’more  Entertainment has been delivering the goods year after year in a multitude of  showcases. And this year is no exception. Double Entendre is packed full of talent, tease, and titillation from start to finish, these burlesque babes will have you seeing double quite literally as each new pair that takes the stage  knock the audiences metaphorical socks off.

Whether you’re a fan of the fantastic or the funny, this show has something for everyone. Double Entendre is sixty minutes of dance, physical theatre, comedy, strip tease and one of the most outstanding, stop-you-in-your-tracks vocal performances you will ever hear.

If all that still isn’t  enough to get you cheering your throat off, then look out for the proverbial cherry on top that is of course miss Dee Dee Luscious. Well known for her own brand of quirky kitsch humour, this lady almost always steals the show even when she’s meant to be the emcee.

Whisky A’more Entertainment is always a winner with crowds and Double Entendre is no exception, proving once and for all that good things really do come in twos.

You can catch the double at The Girls School until 30th January 2022. TICKETS

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