Review | Laura Money

Are you ready to descend into the layers of your own mind? Step into the EULOGY shipping container for a truly immersive experience down the rabbit hole of your psyche. DARKFIELD have done it again with another black-out sensory experience that causes you to question reality. It’s half an hour in complete darkness with a headset weaving stories into your head, burrowing in to create a confused yet mind-blowing narrative that you’ll still be contemplating as you blink in the daylight you emerge into. So, are you really ready to step into darkness?

The show is a complete black-out. Before the lights are switched off you go into metal cubicles that resemble a dog kennel, each person is assigned their own berth and headphones. Once everyone is settled in the whole shipping container is plunged into darkness as we collectively hallucinate in what can only be described as a guided experience. You are being moved about a hotel, descending level by level, layer by layer of each ring. It’s like walking into the movie Inception and then allowing yourself to be taken. There are clever soundscapes and it’s hard to remember you’re not really in the places you’re told. Ending with a huge body blow, this show is not for the faint-hearted.

As the lights come back on, everyone grins sheepishly at one another, still reeling from their surreal experience. EULOGY is a great escape, a fun experience, and a mental mind-bend that you’ll probably want to do more than once. So go on, step into the darkness.

You can catch EULOGY in The Pleasure Garden until 13th February 2022. TICKETS

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