Review | Laura Money

Comedy trio Hannah Davidson, Sian Murphy, and Rebecca Fingher are a refreshing brand of off-beat, quirky humour that speaks to a whole generation. Their intelligent, out there sketches and interludes of fame seeking and friendship are reminiscent of the great Big Girls Blouse and this troupe of comedians more than delivers! Fame is explored from every angle and the journey of self-discovery gives these young women the spotlight they deserve.

The dynamic between the trio is fantastic – part playful ribbing, part sarcasm, all supporting the camaraderie felt is palpable. Their offbeat brand of self-aware awkwardness is hilarious, from Hannah’s unfortunate social media presence to Bec’s willingness to do anything to land a role, to Sian’s brilliant monologue from Twilight every move they make is a great one. Not only do the three women have excellent chemistry it is clear they support each other greatly – even in scenes that appear to be self-interest serving the others just gently roll their eyes and get on with it.

Femininity doesn’t get in the way of funny – each sketch is brilliantly conceived and expertly performed. Bec trying to research dying for a role by stinging the allergic Hannah and mimicking her reaction is priceless with brilliantly funny touches such as Sian revelling in dressing up in a bee costume and Bec casually checking Hannah’s pulse is so on point, you’ll howl with laughter. Every sketch is well thought out and some are even getting daily updates like the leaving Perth sketch, cleverly adapted to reflect changes in border control. There are hilarious projections that lean into the cultural cringe of Perth airport and nostalgic landmarks that elicit a few giggles.

ALLSTARS is performed by three allrounders – funny, clever, brilliant dramatic skills combine to create a smash hit. Hannah, Sian and Bec are phenomenally talented women who complement each other’s talents perfectly. It’s an uplifting show by women who lift each other up and we’re here for every second of it.

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