FRINGEWORLD 2022 | Impro Musical BangTown! | 4 Stars

Review | Laura Money

Want a banger of an evening with nonstop tunes and sick beats that will get stuck in your head as hilarious earworms? Look no further than Impro Musical BangTown! an evening of improvised music games and parodies culminating in a fully improvised musical. It’s hilarious, they’re quicker than a quick brown fox, and feels a little like a love letter to all things musical theatre. And just in case you think that sounds a bit daggy, rest assured that the three piece band has plenty of street cred they can lend the players!

It’s a pretty simple premise – a three piece band is just jamming away, improvising a bunch of music and then the crew of players burst out onto the scene. Led by Perth improv King, Geordie Crawley the roving line-up then improvise lyrics to the backing track provided. Everything is made up, including the band’s name. These guys are phenomenal improvisers – to come up with something on the spot is hard enough but to think on their feet with music adds a tricky element to the whole shebang. There’s structure to the evening, though starting out with a hilarious rhyming rap game that sees the crew rhyme like it’s a crime!

Then there’s ‘Cell Block Bango’ – a brilliant pisstake of the classic Chicago number. Each player gets a word from the audience and then they unleash their theatrical side with those iconic notes providing a visceral punch. You can tell that these guys love musical theatre and it’s a parody that comes from a place of love. They’re living out their musical theatre geek fantasies and they look cool doing it! Speaking of musical theatre dreams, an entire fully realised musical is performed every night. Yes you read that correctly – from big, sweeping, harmonious, exposition-driven opening number to contemplative ‘I Want’ songs, and questionably sexual group scenes these amazing performers are in their element and it shows.

Impro Musical BangTown! is such a good night out! It celebrates all things musical and ensures that you can’t sit still. The talented improv troupe are razor sharp, and ridiculously musically blessed. It takes a good ear, a keen way with words, and a genius level quick wit combined with a brilliant sense of humour to pull something like this off – Impro Musical BangTown! pulls off the covers and leaves you shivering with delight all night.

You can catch all the improvised music until 25th January 2022. TICKETS

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