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FIVE WITH FRINGE | Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale | Absolute Chaos

Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale has been a FRINGEWORLD mainstay for years with his unique brand of hypnotism, affability, and jokes. This year he’s back with a new show: Absolute Chaos. We caught up with him to see what we’re all in for!

What is your show about?

It’s a comedy hypnosis show with huge party vibes, so that whether you’re lucky enough to claim a seat on stage or enjoy from the audience (always your choice of course!), you’re gonna leave with a massive smile on your face and aching laugh muscles!  

Favourite part of the show, no spoilers!

Let’s just say we play a version  of Red Light Green Light that you’ll never see anywhere else!

These are unprecedented times, how does it feel to be a performer in 2022?

You have to embrace the chaos as there are so many things out of our control.  But over the last couple of years we keep adapting to make sure we can still give everyone the most fun hour of Fringe craziness no matter how loose or tight restrictions are.

Apart from your show, what other shows would you recommend?

Fairly biassed but I think my DJ alter-ego project, The Clubnosis Experience: House Music Guided Visualisation is unlike anything people have experienced before!

But, back on track,  there are way too many for me to list here, so I’ll give  you a handful of shows that are also “all ages friendly”.

The Greatest Magic Show, Morgan James – A One Man Circus, Zap Circus Fire Spectacular.

But also want to give a shout out to a couple of upcoming comedians performing their first solo shows, as it’s a huge step and takes a lot of hard work and determination. Miss Samia: Bae of Bengal, Shash Kapur – From Mumbai With Love

Describe your show in 3 words:

Joyful Chaotic FUN!

Get yourself down to Matt Hale’s Absolute Chaos on at various locations until 13th February 2022. TICKETS

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