FRINGEWORLD 2022 | Hell Hath No Fury- Musical Bitchin’ From the Basement of Hell | 4 Stars

Review | Amanda Lancaster

Love is just the slowest most acutely intimate form of self harm available to each and  any individual’s preferred and desired tastes. Love is just a chemical that makes you ignore all the red flags. Let’s face it – love is the one universal thing that drives all of us just a little crazy…and some of us a LOT crazy.

Such is the dilemma  for our main protagonist, played by Zalia Joi who finds herself stuck figuratively and quite literally unable to escape her overwhelming feelings, thoughts and reactions to an on again off again relationship. The whole he loves me loves me not struggle has pushed our girl over the edge and into a deep dark depressive danger zone that threatens to swallow her whole.

This show comes from the mind and emotions of someone that has clearly been there – haven’t we all? – making for a truly open and honestly relatable ninety minutes. Seamlessly elegant in its entirety, this show is made up of bitchin lyrics, wickedly black. Humour, power ballads, a band that nonstop rocks it out of the park. Hell Hath No Fury – Musical Bitchin From the Basement of Hell is exactly what you would expect from its title. It’s fierce females belting out all the things you’ve always thought and wanted to say out loud.

Zalia Joi is a delight to watch as the in need if hope lady in the throes of distress  and  her counterpart, the distressing lady of the basement of heartbreak, Fiona Cooper is perfection as well. These two ladies have the powerful onstage presence akin to that of the likes of Tori Amos and PJ Harvey and boy do they have the voices to match. These ladies kick much needed ass.

This show is a must for anyone needing a little bit of  hope and healing. It’s a love letter to all the survivors of toxic behaviours and thought patterns bought about by others  and themselves. If  you’re in need of that last conversation with someone or just searching for a way to understand the hell you find yourself wanting to escape, then this entertaining offering is all the closure you will ever need.

You can catch the Musical Bitchin’ straight from the basement of hell at ACE’S until 22nd January 2022. TICKETS

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