FRINGEWORLD 2022 | Circus After Dark | 4.5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

Circus After Dark is Kinetica‘s decadent late night burlesque circus act quite at home at The Rechabite. Hosted with precision by the fabulous Karl Kayoss, the show features a bevy of beautifully talented performers all intertwining, gravity-defying, and contorting with precision and poise. Directors Rebecca McMahon and Sarah Ritchie have curated a debaucherous yet high class show complete with jaw-dropping feats of acrobatics, stunning costuming, and contortions that will bend the mind as well. Kinetica is a slick operation that still feels full of love and support, and immense talent.

Karl Kayoss absolutely slays with a host of fabulously dark costumes and lipsynching routines to metal music! Don’t be fooled, though there are also aerials and traditional burlesque with a twist, cementing Kayoss’ place as the host with the most. Anthony Tran and Fay MacFarlane provide the perfect balance between strength and sexy in their lady death routine – Tran’s body ripples with strength as each handstand shows off perfect muscular structure, and MacFarlane kills it in an intimating burlesque act. There’s stunning contortion from Taylor who takes flexibility to the next level, powerful silks from Joey and defying gravity moments with Madeline.

The sexy Matthew Pope is absolutely on fire in this show – with a killer strip complete with black vinyl dress that will make you hold your breath, and fantastic trapeze effortlessly ascending the sky as if the laws of nature do not apply. The finale of the show is brilliantly energetic and sexy with impressive aerials and double-team action that is equal parts sensual and acrobatic. Wait till the sun sets and enter the under cover of the moon, Circus After Dark is ready for you.

You can catch Circus After Dark on Friday nights at The Rechabite until 11th February 2022. TICKETS

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