FRINGEWORLD 2022 | Andrew Silverwood: What’s your Favourite Beanie Baby? | 4.5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

Alright – question of the century – What’s Your Favourite Beanie Baby? Not just an arbitrary FRINGEWORLD 2022 comedy show title, brilliant Brit Andrew Silverwood is genuinely interested – as long as your answer is (spoiler alert) the little brown bat because it can hug the other Beanie Babies. And that, folks is the extent of the Beanie Baby content for the show! Silverwood’s hilariously unique brand of brash observations and personal stories combine in a smashing set of comedy that you’ll still be laughing about long after you’ve left the tent.

Silverwood works the crowd from the outset – standing in line he banters with people over their facial hair, drinks choice and more. He affably greets everyone as they enter the tent, accurately predicting the latecomers. Suitably relaxed, the audience is then treated to opening act Shash Kapur promoting his solo show, From Mumbai With Love. His humour is great, clean and funny, turning racial stereotypes on their head and keeping everyone smiling with his charismatic energy.

There’s no real theme to this show, just hilarious observations – seriously Western Australians are pretty strange when it comes to their cars, unique stories including watching bat migrations from shipping containers in the middle of fields – too specific to be anything but true! Silverwood is at the top of his game with his audience interaction – he takes banter to the next level. From chatting to nurses about what the strangest thing they’ve found up people’s bottoms is (apparently it’s always lightbulbs) to 90s children’s television characters, and even becoming an aging hipster – way too relatable for this Dangerfield clad reviewer! Silverwood’s silver tongue is sharp and quick with a quip, his friendly nature feels like the funny mate regaling you with stories at the pub, and they’re always hilarious.

You can find out what Andrew’s favourite Beanie Baby is at the Pleasure Garden until 30th January 2022. TICKETS

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