FRINGEWORLD 2022 | Sugar & Ice | 3.5 Stars

Review | Amanda Lancaster

Back in the day…okay, way back in the day…there was this little group that burst onto the music scene with there own brand of glitz, glamour and game. You may have heard of them? The Spice Girls? Love them or hate them there was no doubt that this girl group and its blend of super hyped pop ballads and styles were the total embodiment of what became known as Girl Power. Not just a catch phrase for its era but a truly simple and empowering ideology that lasted for decades to come.  

Well, it’s time to pass the torch, meet the new generation of fierce young females giving a much needed reboot to the girl power attitude we didn’t even know wed been missing. Sugar and Ice is a fantastic demonstration of the pitfalls and perils being navigated in modern day society. Whether it be social media, sex, career, relationships, peer pressure and societal stereotypes this nonstop pop musical parody will have every audience member both young and old smiling at the absurdities we  stress ourselves over. 

Meet pop princess of past fame miss Camilla Moore. Once famous for her all girl-group ‘Starburst’ Camilla now finds herself the lead singer of no group. Sugar and Ice is the 70 minute nonstop singalong show that follows Camilla and her fight between becoming a solo artist and the loneliness it embodies going it alone in both fame and life. The show is a musical exploration of self-worth and stereotype, it’s an entertainment statement about who and how people chose to place value upon each other themselves in the current media driven climate we live in. 

High energy, high kicks and a banging 90s, 2000s throw back soundtrack of songs this show is bound to have you feeling nostalgic and ready to take on the world. So grab your friends and get ready to remember exactly what friendship and fun is all about. 

You can catch Sugar & Ice at The Royale Theatre until 23rd January 2022. TICKETS

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