FRINGEWORLD 2022 | Briefs: Bite Club | 4 Stars

Review | Laura Money

The Briefs crew is back, baby and this year the Quarantine Queens have devised a show that is part therapy, part boredom and all amazing! Born out of the idleness forced upon them, this bunch of awesome weidros just couldn’t sit still and spent their iso getting sequinned up and sassy. Collaborating with the fabulous Sahara Beck and her beautiful band, the badasses from Briefs are ready to take a huge bite out of Perth for FRINGEWOLD 2022 and we are here for it!

Kicking things off with the stunning vocals of Sahara Beck, her sultry sound fills the Aurora Speigeltent with a haze of bluesy notes that make you say yaaassssss! This is the perfect backdrop for the cast as they sashay their way in a flurry of feathers – each one in fabulously extra costumes with killer moves to boot – I mean we’re talking a full chorus line moment where the heels are high and the kicks are higher. Fab Fez Fa’anana hosts with style and flair, costume changing like a boss and absolutely nailing it with legs for days. Fa’anana is clearly in awe of Beck and their synergy together is a delight to watch. Indie darling, Sahara Beck suits the style of Briefs with their signature blend of epic soundscapes and cute vibes, culminating in the stunning songbird ascending the sky in a fairy-light entwined perch. It’s simply breathtaking.

Perennial fave Loius Biggs and a series of amazingly talented newcomers bring the cheek and class with their clever and sassy routines from aerial wonders to hilarious striptease and funny beatnik skits every single act is quirky and fun and very sexy. Speaking of sexy, Captain Kidd – the spunky sex on legs gives his birdbath routine a major glow up complete with flamboyant costumes straight (well maybe not straight) from the French Court. Kidd’s camp appeal is phenomenal – the routine is guaranteed to get you wet – literally!

Briefs: Bite Club is full of fabulous energy, tongue-in-cheek camp, and clever circus. It’s a traditional burlesque offering from consummate entertainers who continue to deliver over and over. So, sashay your way to the Pleasure Garden, grab a drink and prepare for a soaking this summer!

You can catch a bite with Briefs: Bite Club at the Pleasure Garden until 13th February 2022. TICKETS

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