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FIVE WITH FRINGE | Hamish Pickering | Hello, Asteroid

Hamish Pickering has been described as ‘the love child of Tim Minchin, Bo Burnham, and every other musical comedian from 2000 onwards’ which we think is just wonderful. We caught up with him ahead of his one man show Hello, Asteroid.

What is your show about?

This show centres around my character at the end of the world. He brings the audience along on a deeply moving but comedic journey, recounting his life and asking them what they think the true meaning behind our existence is. All the while, he makes them laugh and cry and most of all question everything.

Favourite part of the show, no spoilers!
I love the ending most of all. Without giving anything away, it’s gut wrenching but so honest and brutal in its portrayal of how I would react to the end of the world.

These are unprecedented times, how does it feel to be a performer in 2022?

Big, scary question. COVID has certainly made us adapt and learn new ways of creating. While we, as artists, struggle to continue to make art, it’s inspired many of us to find new and exciting ways to produce works with depth and modern messages. COVID isn’t anywhere near over, and the challenges are still rolling on by, but I’m excited to see what my fellow theatre-makers can produce in these once-in-a-generation times.

Apart from your show, what other shows would you recommend?

We have so many mates creating and producing great works but I’ll try my best to narrow it down! Our picks currently are:

– Time Capsule- Golden Age Girls

– Alex & Evie

– Sugar & Ice

– Impro Musical BangTown!

– The Big HooHaa

– Decoupage Skin

Just to name a few! So many great works being put up this year.

Describe your show in 3 words:

Provocative, existential, witty-as-hell

You can catch Hello, Asteroid at Subiaco Arts Centre until 22nd January 2022. TICKETS

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