FRINGEWORLD 2022 | Drag Diva Spectacular | 5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

Bursting onto the stage to a throwback B-side banger by the Spice Girls, your Divas bring the energy from the very top of the show. As Perth Drag Royalty BarbieQ points out Drag Diva Spectacular: Good Times is not political, it’s not a downer – it’s an escape from all of that and is designed for you to have a good time. And this show DELIVERS! These divine divas dance and dominate with their power moves, flawless makeup, and fabulous lip synching. They are here to serve lewks, sass, and fun times – you won’t stop grinning under your mask.

The whole thing is a party guaranteed to have you clapping and singing along with the Goddesses that are Connections mainstays catwalking with more sass than Tyra Banks, dancing with more energy than Britney Spears, and lip synching with more precision than Ashlee Simpson! These ladies know how to curate a playlist with bangers from Kylie Minogue, Shania Twain, and an epic sequinned medley to Little Mix – featuring killer moves that deserve all the snaps!

Each girl gets their own moment – Fay Rocious and Ruby Jewlz going full showgirl with epic moves and diva moments being lifted up by the sexy boys on offer. Veronica Jean Jones debuts a routine that is out of this world – it’s beyond brilliant, camp and perfectly extra, and we’re here for it! The phenomenally bendy Alexas Armstrong SLAYS with her raunchy, energetic routines that bring spice to the stage, and of course there won’t be a single dry eye in the house when BarbieQ reveals her touching tribute to Alexas Armstrong that she performed for their wedding. It’s perfect and BarbieQ’s facial expressions and movements are equally sincere and camp.

There is a thrilling buzz in the air as each new song is revealed – each and every one a TUNE! Highlights are always the group sequences as the camaraderie and love emanating from the stage when this winning quintet move with each other is pure light. The Sister Act sketch is drag incarnate – from hilariously kitsch costumes, to rubbery facial expressions and raucous energy it takes a camp enough nostalgic movie and gives it the glow up of the century. I could watch it for days. So, get yourself up to Connections for a night of good times and forget about the world for a while.

You can check out Drag Diva Spectacular: Good Times until 22nd January 2020. TICKETS

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