FRINGEWORLD 2021 | DIVAS – The Drag Revue: Fierce & Fabulous | 4.5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

Va va voom – this show is hot! DIVAS – The Drag Revue: Fierce & Fabulous delivers in a big way – big hair, big boobs, big vocals, and big dance moves! It’s a drag show with punch that celebrates each Queen’s passions and talents, defiantly paying homage to lesser known acts but killing it every step of the way. Oh, and did I mention the dancing? These guys put your Year 6 lunchtime Spice Girls routines to shame with every shimmy, shake, and saucy move. The costumes and choreography will delight every calisthenics instructor’s heart as the show leans in to its kitsch and plastic 90s roots. It’s 100% fantastic!

At the helm of DIVAS is the incomparable Dean Misdale whose style and sass is on show with every song. Belting out classics from Whitney Houston to Boy George, Misdale has killer pipes – those high notes are punchy af and come straight from a double-D chest voice that absolutely slays. And did I mention those pins? Damn. Misdale keeps everything together with razor sharp wit and whip-quick retorts especially when the crowd gets a little rowdy. It is as Ursula from The Little Mermaid that sees Misdale in his element. A longstanding choice for many drag queens, Ursula epitomises the drag attitude – she’s silky, biting, and a bad-ass – Misdale slinks about the stage in utter delight, richly performing the hell out of ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’ – colouring the piece with personal remarks and hitting every. damn. note.

Sassie Cassie shows us what she’s all about with her hilariously rubber-faced lip synching. Her turn as a cute Marine is equal parts adorable and terrifying, as she embraces the kitsch and runs with it – backwards and in heels. Cassie is so sassy that every single piece is a brilliant game of ‘what is she going to do next?’ – she’ll keep you firmly on the edge of your seat. OMG, that face! Sassy Cassie contorts her face in exaggerated lip-wavering, huge oral actions, sarcastic as hell eye rolls, and is always on the beat. She absolutely slays in her disco number – stripping back her layers and throwing shade at everyone in the room. Then there’s Fay Rocious – the limber limbed, sexy showgirl with the killer diller moves. Her homage to Marilyn and the bad girls of the 1950s is raunchy and fun. The make-up is on point and a fitting tribute to the divas who came before. Of course, there are more contemporary pieces – Rocious’ routine with the boys is straight out of a diva’s playbook – she is the quintessential drag act, complete with co-ordinated dance moves and phenomenal talent.

Of course, no drag show is complete without a little eye candy – Alex and Flynn deliver the goods with their tight tops and shorts, sparkling alongside the girls and holding their own. They are both amazing dancers, not only keeping up with the Queens but displaying some damn fine moves of their own. The little smiles on their faces as they fully embrace the silliness of the moment is worth the ticket price alone! Both boys are hilarious in the ‘Barbie Girl’ routine, open to ridicule but just taking it all in stride. DIVAS – The Drag Revue: Fierce & Fabulous is exactly that – fierce, fab-u-lous and full of dazzling talent. It gets all the clicks from me and is a glittery, gay, and glorious celebration of drag – with banging tunes that will keep you pumped up all night long!

You can party hard with the DIVAS HERE

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