Christmas was late this year, forgive Santa, he was running on Black Time. Emo explains in his FRINGEWORLD 2021 show Black Santa

After winning the state finals of the Raw Comedy Competition, Emo Majok made a successful debut in Melbourne and FRINGE WORLD 2019 with his show, Not Quite Grown – He doubled down in 2020 with Just Your Typical Aussie. He’s back to dig a little deeper into his experiences of culture-clash, with side-splitting stories of adjusting from a refugee camp in East Africa to gifting out jokes globally with his new show Black Santa. We caught up with Emo to find out all about his latest show.

What is your show about?

To describe what the show is about I really have to take you back to my childhood. Coming from a migrant family from two refugee camps and being introduce to the western culture of Santa, Tooth Fairy, Superman, Batman etc we never had any of the sorts in our likeness. Black Santa is my take on a fictional character in our likeness. He is our voice, our take on our differences. Black Santa is all about my story, my experiences of culture-clash, side-splitting stories of adjusting from a refugee camp in East Africa to gifting out jokes globally.

Favourite part of the show, no spoilers!

My favourite part of the show? I have no favourite part of the show, I love the whole show from beginning until the end – I take the viewer on a journey.

The show is both high and chilled energy all at the same time. Viewers arrive as strangers and leave as new fans and supporters. You really leave feeling like you know me personally after I’m done, I’m that open at my shows. We cover everything from Covid, my parenting, one night stands, my comedy tours in New york and Canada, being pulled over in Montreal by a cop who started our encounter with speaking in French and freaking me out. We talk about the current state of the world and anymore without giving away too much.

After the craziness of 2020 how do you feel participating in FRINGEWORLD 2021?

Like most people 2020 impacted me in ways you can’t imagine but I took a positive approach. During lock out all I did was prepare for the first opportunity we got to step up back on that stage. Hard work beats talent and I’d like to think I’ve got both. Night after night we have been packing out our fringe shows. That second lock down really came out from no where though hahaha!

Apart from your show, what other shows would you recommend?

Man so many great shows, any show from The Laugh Mob, Rory Lowe, Joe White just to name a few.

Describe your show in 3 words

Different Out Look

You can grab your tickets to Black Santa HERE

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