FRINGEWORLD 2021 | The Kaye Hole | 4.5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

For late night debauchery look no further than The Kaye HoleReuben Kaye‘s sexy, scintillating, up late cabaret featuring the most wicked and entertaining acts of FRINGEWORLD 2021. Kaye invites you to the fabulous Rechabite and holds your hand – admittedly he digs his nails in – and showcases the best acts of the fringe. It’s a deliciously hedonistic jaunt through the sexiest cabaret in the festival, and it is hot, hot, hot!

Reuben Kaye is the ultimate host – looking like a f**king vision in black mesh and a fabulous glittery mantle he must create quite the sensation at Spotlight. Kaye’s makeup is perfectly OTT – those lips are spectacular and he has eyelashes for days. The sheer energy and charisma that exudes from this seasoned performer is palpable – every sashay, every wink, and every top note is on point! As a host, Kaye is warm and accepting, and utterly terrifying too. This diva belts out a tune like no other but he’ll come AT you of you dare interrupt. He commands the stage and attention and absolutely slays. You’re in gorgeously manicured hands with Kaye – the show is held together with his signature amount of glitter and hairspray – it seems like it will all explode in a gay mess but Kaye holds everything together with his sheer showmanship.

Each night is a different lineup of diverse and daring acts from around the festival so you’re guaranteed a great show no matter what night – or nights! – you go to. On the night I attended there were aerial artists, silks, bubbles, fire, and stand up all held together by Kaye. He is the most encouraging mother hen – grinning that giant grin while watching as his colleagues smash it over and over. Stand outs for me – let’s be honest every act is amazing – definitely go and see Takashi Wakasugi at The Laugh Resort – his small set amidst the glittery world of cabaret artists was hilarious! Wakasugi is awkward comedy at its best – he’s affable and funny and his catch phrase ‘do you get it?’ is adorable. The fire dancer Hannah was spectacular – you could feel the heat in the seats! But for me the stand-outs were the duo from The Bubble Show For Adults – the sneak peek we got was raunchy, wet, and hilarious! These two are so funny – their knowing winks and absolute commitment to the smutty double entedres is classic. It’s very funny stuff – oh and the bubble tricks are amazing and magical.

Let’s be honest here – the seating arrangement is less than ideal – all the seats are facing the main stage, which is fine when the action is there but a lot is behind the main seating so a lot of neck craning is required. Perhaps this show would work better in the round? Kaye makes up for it though – he literally takes the piss out of people’s chiropractic bills and climbs over seating so that people’s discomfort comes more from being so close to Kaye’s bits rather than anything else! As stated, Kaye is a brilliant host – he’s so captivating and his antics are just as diva worthy of the greats like Liza, Judy, and Streisand. Kaye sprinkles inclusive messages throughout his dialogue, he educates you gently and invites you to let your freak flag fly and be super proud of it. So, if you’re queer, het, black, white, fat, thin, or fabulous you’re welcome to come inside The Kaye Hole – and you’ll love every minute of it!

Enter The Kaye Hole without trepidation HERE

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