FRINGEWORLD 2021 | Confession: An Immersive Experience | 4 Stars

Review | Emma Brand

Watch out, it’s got a bite! This show is a thriller to its core. An immersive experience where you are the fly on the wall to the end of the world. For this immersive experience you are in a room where actors play out an eventful evening, or was it day? It’s hard to tell where or what time it is in a bunker!

The experience reminded me of the PlayStation game The Last of Us, combined with The Walking Dead, World War Z and 28 days later. It has all the classic tropes of a zombie apocalypse that you crave. It has the dark and gloomy bunker, the lack of food and water, the erratic desperation. Of course, like all zombie action thrillers, there is the one thing that goes wrong … and you get to be there in the room as it all plays out!

The actors really succeed in setting the mood even before this experience starts. The location is textbook for this genre. The low lighting and incredible background noises throughout provide plenty of shivers. During the performance other audience members in the room are zoned out as the energy and commitment from the actors reverberate the walls. The show is adrenaline pumping, but has plenty of lower beats to be able to sustain the performance. From a cast of so few this story is gripping and leaves you wanting more (a sequel?)

The small audience sit at different vantage points around the room, meaning no two experiences will ever truly be the same. The actors do not touch you, but there is plenty of action throughout.

I am a wuss at heart and so naturally I was nervous coming into this show. That was warranted (it’s a thriller after all!), but it was fantastic. I survived it and so can you!

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