FRINGEWORLD 2021 | Gavin Nicklette: Cabaret Roulette | 4.5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

No other evening in Fringe is as chilled out as a Gavin Nickette show. He hands down guarantees a relaxed and pumped evening all at once. Nicklette is perfectly contained. His calm ostentatious nature should be at odds, however Nicklette pulls off fab-u-lous while maintaining a friendly and easygoing demeanour. I can’t even with his whole vibe – he gives me chills. Cabaret Roulette is a rollercoaster of a show, that lands in a puff of marshmallows. Niclette’s signature songs are on full display and it’s like that good old sampler box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. I can guarantee that it will be awesome every time, though.

The premise is simple – Nicklette has a roulette wheel of possible emotions – he spins and must tell the audience a story and sing a song relating to that emotion. This is so brave of Nicklette, and I thank him for opening up to us. He’s such a warm performer. Bursting onto the stage, Nicklette is all warm smiles and kindness. The angel wings are on point and the gold shoes and hotpants will elicit ear to ear grinning! Nicklette spins the wheel, and holds your hand while doing so. He generously shares stories about his life – from ex-boyfriends and their strange attachment to headgear, to childhood shame and absolute passion. Gavin Nicklette is joy incarnate. He exudes happiness and love and it’s infectious. Each story is exceptionally intimate and Nicklette makes you feel like the only person in the room as he bares himself, beating heart and all.

Of course, some of the song choices are a bit of a stretch and don’t always relate to the story. Nicklette grins guiltily and doubles down in these moments, and it’s easy to forgive him. Each song is perfect. I cannot overstate how beautiful Nicklette’s voice is. He takes modern songs and owns them – creating jazz arrangements out of childhood classics like Under The Sea or Sesame Street. Nicklette’s arrangements are pure genius – they highlight exemplorary musicality and hit you right in the feels. Jazz is all about emotion and where music can take you and a mature and emotional approach to pieces that already hold nostalgia is at once joyful and heartbreaking. Nicklette is a powerful singer and his rendition of Sia’s Chandelier is the smoothest and most emotive I’ve ever heard.

Cabaret Roulette is a show I could watch over and over. Nicklette’s vocals are second to none and his arrangements strip music to its fundamentals. Nicklette is in his element and you will be too when you see this champion performer.

You can watch Gavin spin the wheel HERE

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