FRINGEWORLD 2021 | Kiara with a K: The Silver Screen | 5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

It’s Talent with a T, not talent with a t cos talent with a t is me not KIARA! I lowkey love that joke but understand if you all cringe – something you won’t be doing at Kiara with a K: The Silver Screen. Yes, Perth the Macri sisters are back and this time they bring you the classics from the silver screen – I mean it’s in the title – from musical numbers from the classics like Singin’ In The Rain and Laurel & Hardy to modern gems like Moulin Rouge and even LaLa Land. Every single number is perfectly choreographed, perfectly sung, and perfectly performed by a perfect Fringe troupe – earning every one of those five stars.

Starting things off with a sizzle, the dancers begin with Chicago’s opening number, All That Jazz and it is nothing short of stunning. Kiara sings the hell out of the song – which on the surface seems to be a rather trite thing to say, but in a world of people who belt the top notes of All That Jazz, Kiara sees the belters and raises them with a wonderfully trained singing voice. She hits every damn note and it is – ooh, chef’s kiss! The opening number is the perfect blend of comedy, amazing vocals, smooth and fluid dance moves, and undeniable chemistry and serves as a taster for the whole show. From stuffing up the Fosse fan turn to getting a bit too carried away with the jazz hands, these girls prove that women can be pretty – pretty funny, pretty talented, pretty awesome.

Holding the whole thing together is the incredibly hilarious Nicola Macri. She has such natural comic timing, never missing a beat. Embracing her musical theatre geekery perhaps a little daggier than the others – they all get to look super sexy while showing their love for a tap dance number – Nicola is quick, hilarious, and incredibly knowledgeable. She does so much more than host – proving to be an accomplished dancer in her hilarious turn as Oliver Hardy alongside Lucy Lovegun‘s Stan Laurel, a brilliant comedienne when chasing gin, and has pretty impressive pipes to boot. I said that Nicola Macri is one to watch, and I’ll say it again – she’s one to watch over and over again.

Of course, what Kiara show would be complete without her beautiful cabaret acts? Aleisha Archer shows off her hot shoe shuffle in a tribute to Lala Land – she’s poised, elegant, and her feet move faster than your eyes can track. The stunning Polly St. Pearl scintillates with her sensual striptease to Moulin Rouge‘s Diamonds mashup. Her outfits are breathtaking, and she looks amazing in and out of them. Both acts strike the perfect balance between sexy cabaret act and funny, chorus girl. A tightrope that Lucy Lovegun has been walking her entire career – seriously, how can someone be so hilarious and so attractive at the same time? Lovegun slays in her Make ‘Em Laugh striptease – she brilliantly executes a ‘screwball’ version of a classic strip while also killing it with a rubber-faced comedy routine. It’s equal parts funny and sexy – especially the ending!

Speaking of facial expressions, none can beat the sheer comedic prowess that Veruca Sour possesses. Her sarcastic, exaggerated dragging of the mouth, big eyes, and heavily drawn on make-up are cartoonish and carefully crafted – she’s the stage-born lovechild of Theda Bara and Betty Boop. Every hip thrust is hilarious, Sour locks eyes with the audience and digs in! Her loosey-goosey, madcap style will stick in your mind long after your choc top has melted. Of course, the show is mostly about Kiara – she is the Judy Garland of her own variety night – kicking things off with aplomb and proudly boosting her colleagues and family. Kiara is the ultimate showgirl – she has clearly studied every single musical movie and boy does that education pay off! From incredibly sexy and funny striptease from Nine to a particularly heartbreaking rendition of Maybe This Time from Cabaret, Kiara not only does every note justice but she more than holds her own against her idol. Every time Kiara is on stage, you are enamoured. What a bright spark of pure talent. Kiara commands the crowd and uses every bit of her singing and dancing prowess to its full advantage. She is a delight to watch.

And just like that, it’s over. The Macri sisters end on a hilarious and quite sweet moment, belting out Easy Street from Annie, a song that sends delighted ripples through the crowd. Any Kiara with a K show is absolutely brilliant, but The Silver Screen illuminates the incredible talent and elevates them above so many other cabaret acts in FRINGEWORLD. You’ll be humming and toe-tapping long after the credits roll and the popcorn has been flossed from in between your teeth.

Kiara with a K: The Silver Screen ran as part of FRINGEWORLD 2021 but you can still catch the Macri sisters around HERE and HERE

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