FRINGEWORLD 2021 | Drag Diva Spectacular: Love and Pride | 4 Stars

Review | Amanda Lancaster

Drag Diva Spectacular is one of the consistent sell out shows to grace the Perth Fringe Festival year after year. Award nominated time and again for the showstopping, sequin studded acts of such inimitable quality, this year’s edition Love & Pride is no exception. 
Join long standing hostess with the most-est Barbie Q and her fabulous team of drag divas: Veronica Jean Jones, Ruby Jewelz, Alexas Armstrong and Fay Rocious as they shimmy and shake it through a non-stop hour of powerhouse performances – and believe you me, nonstop means exactly that: nonstop!

It is impossible not to be in admiration of the the sheer energy and absolute talent all these delicious divas demonstrate and share with each audience. Their hard work and choreography is as always as seamlessly put together as these stunning ladies themselves. Connections Main Room is, as ever, the perfect backdrop to a drag show cabaret-fest, and the show makes full use of the fantastic space’s glitz, glamour, and flashing lights for all their worth! This troupe constantly have the audience either singing along in time with the lip-synching lovelies to tunes by Britney, Kylie and even the Spice Girls and Belinda Carlisle.

The audience are kept in stitches from the over-the-top antics and witty tongue in cheek quips and titillating tease and please moments. Think big lips, bigger hair, high cheekbones and higher hemmed skirts, it’s long lashes and even longer legs – we’re talking legs for days and days here folks. Whilst the fabulous divas five please, their man candy dancer duo tease so there is without doubt a little bit of something for all walks of life to enjoy from this show.
You might be asking what is it that makes this show so special and so formidable after all this time? 

The answer is that something, that essence from which creates and communicates the very heart and soul of each Drag Diva Spectacular show, and it’s right their in the title: Love and Pride.

You can see the sashaying yourself by clicking HERE

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