FRINGEWORLD, on now, Review

FRINGEWORLD 2020 | You’ve Got Mail | 4.5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

Following the success of Rom-Com classics like Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail wasn’t Meg Ryan’s finest hour, now was it? She plays a wishy-washy sort of ditz who allows herself to be cyberstalked and then have her business bought out by Tom Hanks – sorrynotsorry about the spoilers but the movie is over 20 years old! The crew from Sotto are here to set it all straight and finally give Meg Ryan the happy ending she deserves. The show is a hilarious exploration of rom-com tropes, 90s references that seem so quaint now, and gives it all the cyberfeminism treatment.

Meet Meg Ryan (Eloise Snape) – she’s just a fun-time gal with awesome hair, and a penchant for online chatrooms. Snape cavorts about the stage with a goofy grin and some pretty slick dance moves – she excels in physical comedy, her every movement eliciting giggles from the audience. After a spoken exposition – another point of hilarity! – she starts actively taking the piss out of the movie by pantomiming its plot. Enter Tom Hanks (Chris Ratcliffe) as the (kind of) loveable antagonist. Yes, you heard that right, we do not STAN Tom Hanks! Ratcliffe takes a character based on the most likeable guy in Hollywood and exposes the fact that the character he plays are not always nice themselves. His caricature-like facial expressions and comedic turns of phrase are particularly hilarious when interacting with dated technology like the giant mobile phone.

You’ve Got Mail takes the injustices served to Meg Ryan in the original movie and gives her the ending she deserves. In a post #metoo era, she is able to reject Tom Hanks’ toxic masculine entitlement and is justifiably horrified when she discovers the level of his cyberstalking. Snape’s interactions with Sophia Campion as the personified voice of the Internet restore autonomy to women in rom-coms and get pretty steamy! It’s worth it to see Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks finally both get what they deserve.

WHEN: 11th – 15th February 2020 | 7:30pm


INFO: Pricing $26 | Duration 60m | Suitability M | Occasional Coarse Language, Sexual References, Light Effects | THEATRE


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