FRINGEWORLD, on now, Review

FRINGEWORLD 2020 | Rich Bitch – A Parody of Law Of Attraction Gurus | 3.5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

Wealth. Affluence. Power.

You can have it all – just manifest it

This is the message broadcast loud and clear from the beaches and mountains the of Insta-rich. Cristina Lark offers a short course as Abundance Mindset Guru Casha Bling in the ultimate character piece. Bling is here to show you how you can achieve everything you want – provided you’re only a bit poor and not like actually living in poverty. Rich Bitch is a blistering spoof that blows the lid off of inequality, racsism, and the toxic language and mindsets present amongst Law of Attraction philosophies. And all for the reasonable price of $4999!

Casha Bling is a brilliant character – she bursts onto the stage amidst cheering, like a rockstar in her breezy hippy skirt and crochet halterneck, blonde locks flowing from underneath a unicorn headband like a Pantene ad. Her energy is infectious – she exuberantly cheers the audience on – You, too can have it all! What follows is a typical presentation where nothing gets done and the presenter just talks in circles. Using real examples, Casha Bling has the rhetoric down perfectly. The problem is, the show gets a little one-note after a while.

Taking the piss is all well and good, but what is the message? Bling unwittingly exposes the inequities of Law of Attraction thinking. How they need to keep the poor in their poverty status so they can go on wellness retreats and drink mango smoothies provided by the ‘natives.’ How they psychologically manipulate people into thinking that meritocracy is the only system for success, and how they falsely ask for money – you have to spend money to make money, remember? Through hilarious character pieces and funny videos, Lark deftly takes a swipe at these figures, even if she is not always subtle about it.

The concept of Rich Bitch – A Parody of Law Of Attraction Gurus is good, and the character is brilliant, however the show definitely needs refining. If anyone can manifest a brilliant comedy show, it’s Cristina Lark – so don’t miss out!

WHEN: 18th January – 14th February 2020 | 5pm & 9:30pm

WHERE: Rubix Bar | CBD | Rosie O’Grady’s | NORTHBRIDGE

INFO: Pricing $10 – $20 | Duration 60m | Suitability M | THEATRE


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