FRINGEWORLD, on now, Review

FRINGEWORLD 2020 | You’re a Good Man, Dr Pirate | 4.5 Stars

Review | Kieran Eaton

Gillian English is somebody that can talk you under the table, so strap into your seats for this powerhouse show – You’re a Good Man, Dr Pirate. Her brash confidence may lead you to think that she is from the US, but she is a proud Canadian. Not fitting the mould of those humble, apologetic bunch –  this strong, verbose woman shines brightly!

She appears quite the eager beaver to talk to all in the audience – you can even see her peering out of the curtains, however English proves to be patient and accommodating in making sure we are ready before her huge monologue, and her loud voice is all she needs to focus our attention on her.

English is not a big on crowd interaction and that might be due to large amount of material she delivers – notebook sat in clear view on a stool just in case, but she doesn’t need it! With the amount of ideas that she covers it is amazing how they all come together – English is totally herself and that is how it works. The thoughts she delves into are clever but sometimes not punchy, but this does not matter as her asides are super smooth and add moments of laughter. She is extremely likeable in that her lines do not have to be extremely cutting to gain acceptance from the audience, as English is good at keeping the energy fresh.

Overall, English wins the audience with her storytelling ability. When this comedian introduces herself, it seems gradual and conversational and as the story peaks, so does the pace. This raconteur can read the crowd with ease and brings natural enthusiasm to her point of view. She provides comfort – we are in safe hands in this wild journey – even when we feel a bit lost. English is a no-nonsense performer and person – making all her topics very thrilling – including when you do not know much about them. You will learn about obscure things from Calvinism to how The Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe goes hand in hand with Catholicism.

You may be a rational skeptic, like myself and at the same time love the link between fortune telling and making your fate happen. English challenges your Nihilism and at least turns it into Existentialism. Her tales are very visual and have a realness that gets you right into your guts – You’re a Good Man, Dr Pirate will leave you awe inspired to live your life fully, like this now Tasmanian comic!

WHEN: 5th -16th February |8pm

WHERE: Fairground at Rubix Bar | PERTH CBD

INFO: Pricing from $21- $30 | Duration 60 m | Suitability M | Frequent Course Language, Drug Use, Mental Health, Sexual References


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