FRINGEWORLD 2020 | Lisa Woodbrook: It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You – Songs of Amy Winehouse & Lily Allen | 4.5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

‘Cause all she wants is a boyfriend – she gets one night stands, she’s thinking how did I get here, I’m doing all that I can

The music of 2000s sensations Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen is filled with thoughtful and raw lyrics about love, so it’s only fitting that local Aussie sensation Lisa Woodbrook turns to these heartfelt songs to chart her journey from dumpee to giddy new love – she proves once and for all that It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You. So many jukebox cabarets seem to shoehorn their favourite songs in with tenuous links but this is not the case with Woodbrook – each song is so perfectly in context, it seem as though it was written for that purpose. From Smile to Not Fair, Tears Dry On Their Own and Back to Black, every song is a winner that Woodbrook lovingly makes her own.

Woodbrook explores the ever-evolving dating world, from swiping right to ghosting, on the surface this appears to be about new problems, yet it soon becomes apparent that the same issues plaguing contemporary women come with a long history. Feeling like all you want is the person who dumped you (Back to Black), realising you’re finally free of them (Smile) and then looking for love (22) to just wanting a booty call (Never Gonna Happen) every song and story charts Woodbrook’s confused millennial journey through love and life. Woodbrook is a larger-than-life performer – she bursts onto the stage full of energy and proves herself to be instantly likeable. Not only are her anecdotes hilarious, her energy gets a reticent audience to whoop and cheer, even if they aren’t big fans of audience interaction!

Each song is a personal rendition – Woodbrook isn’t about the karaoke or impression – she uses her Aussie inflection and emphasises particular words to hilarious effect. This is particularly masterful in Allen’s smash hit about bad sex, Not Fair – her frustration is all of us! A resigned look to the audience quickly dissolves into giggles as Woodbrook is having such a good time up there on the stage! If you’re worried that an emphasised Australian accent will take the emotion out of the songs, think again – Winehouse’s Tears Dry on Their Own is rendered heartbreaking, and the pure exuberance in Who’d Have Known cement Woodbrook as a wonderfully expressive powerhouse of a singer.

Lisa Woodbrook: It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You – Songs of Amy Winehouse & Lily Allen is not only an epic title, it’s an epic show. Woodbrook is affable and funny, her stories are hilarious, and she is naturally gifted – a true entertainer. And the songs are great – even though there isn’t room for Rehab, let’s just keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t come up in the sequel!

It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You ran as part of FRINGEWORLD 2020

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