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FRINGEWORLD 2020 | Pamela DeMenthe: eVULVAlution | 5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

I can’t believe that my idol – the sensual, intelligent, and super sexy erotic fiction writer, Pamela DeMenthe is back in Perth – but this time she has a case of the dreaded writer’s block! I’m not going to lie, I have received several hot tips from the self-published author of ‘Panties Inferno’, and ‘Hooked: Romp in the Abbitoir’, to subtle masterpieces like ‘Butterfingers: After Hours in the Dairy’ and of course my absolute favourite – ‘Sticky Digits.’ Her books are filled with erotic wonderment, cracking, sexy language, and facts copied from Wikipedia – she has proved to be quite the inspiration. Here is a short bio piece I wrote completely on my own:

“Born and raised in the south west of England, Pamela DeMenthe began her life as a child. Once this was completed, she was an adult.

At 21 she embarked on a career in the Nuclear energy sector, which was obviously a hotbed of erotic fiction writing material. Then at the tender age of 37, following a gross misconduct dismissal, she took the massive leap into erotic fiction. Exploding onto the self-publishing scene like an atom bomb! 28 novels self-published later and murmurs of a movie deal on the horizon, DeMenthe is fast on her way becoming the world’s first (unofficial) erotic fiction laureate.”


DeMenthe commands the stage at her book launch, fittingly attired in leopard print and her signature cream power-blazer. She regales us with her meteoric rise to fame after last year’s Sticky Digits and opens up about her husband’s newfound love of all-male parties complete with stripping down to underwear, dancing, and lots of lube! Sitting down in her new basement office, DeMenthe gets to work on eVULVAlution – when she is struck down by a faulty office chair – how will she continue? You’ll just have to come to Tiki as FK to find out, come and sit on an OfficePro 360 model chair (rather than be sued, the office furniture company are now a sponsor) and witness the author’s overuse of amazing, brilliant, wonderful, spectacular, prolific adjectives, and every smutty term you could imagine.

This character is hilarious – she swans about in a miasma of self-importance, and commands the audience with her puns. It takes a lot of skill to write a show so badly written – think Ernie Wise’s ‘play like what I wrote’ – and the points of hilarity are borne out of a distinct lack of being self-aware. The writing is terribly simplified, the adjectives and metaphors hilariously bad, and the sentences meandering. eVULVAlution is, like DeMenthe’s other works, a thinly-veiled autobiographical piece with time travel and an orgy scene. The book is about Sandra from Hull – a port city and unitary authority in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England.[2] It lies upon the River Hull at its confluence with the Humber Estuary, 25 miles (40 km) inland from the North Sea, 50 miles (80 km) east of Leeds, 34 miles (55 km) south-east of York and 54 miles (87 km) north-east of Sheffield.[2] With a population of 260,645 (mid-2018 est.), Hull is the fourth-largest city in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Sandra navigates her way through university, time, and space horny as hell and just wanting some love from some prehistoric men. Her crush, the ancient Dr Greg can’t perform, and as Sandra travels back in time she discovers that all she really wants is to be allowed to join in with the men – it’s not as if DeMenthe is projecting here, is it? I cannot stress how funny this show is! Pamela DeMenthe is one of the best characters ever devised – she remains stubbornly obtuse to her husband’s ways, is deluded into believing that the office chair is to blame for her writer’s block, and hilariously navigates her way through a book reading where Sandra from Hull turns every phrase from sexy to parody with her over-caricatured Yorkshire accent. This show needs to be seen to be believed, and DeMenthe is catering – so just make sure you request gluten free lube and you’ll be on to a winner!

WHEN: 31st January – 16th February 2020 | 6:30pm


INFO: Pricing $20 – $25 | Duration 60m | Suitability M | Sexual References | COMEDY


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