FRINGEWORLD, on now, Review

FRINGEWORL 2020 | I Sing Songs | 5 Stars

Review | Sarah Soulay

I Sing Songs is an outstanding show filled with side splitting humour and original composed masterpieces. Written and Performed by Steven Kreamer, who is undoubtedly an excellent and skilful pianist, this show begins and ends with creatively brilliant original songs written and composed by Kreamer.

His opening song is witty and gives us a satirical social commentary on the world today. This original song is a great opening and an excellent introduction into who he is and what he is about. Along with his originally composed pieces, Kreamer sprinkles in some of his favourite songs and gives them a musical revamp. Some covers are hilarious reincarnations that leave you crying from laughter, such as his traditional Austrian take on “The Sound of Music”. Others are beautiful and heartfelt like the wonderfully sung “Dancing in the Dark”. All of these additions bulk up what is already an entertaining show.

 Kreamer is the master of audience participation, as some performers can make things awkward and at times, leave audiences praying to not be selected, Kreamer makes it an entertaining and whimsical experience, that will leave you wanting to join in.

Kreamer delights us with his original music from past projects like scrapped songs from musicals he has composed, to advertisements he has performed for. He is able to dazzle us with his accomplishments all the while being able to laugh with us and enjoy the fun and wacky moments that the opportunities in his life has brought him. His original songs are Broadway worthy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I see him there one day.

This is a perfect show for absolutely anyone who loves a great cabaret with fun, witty humour and for those who love to see an amazing performer do what they do best. So, go see I Sing Songs, to see a man, who sings songs, and wows you with his humour and skill.


WHEN: 27th January – 2nd February 2020 | 9:40pm

WHERE: Chemistry | GIRLS SCHOOL | East Perth

INFO: Pricing $18.50 – $26 | Duration 60m | Suitability PG | CABARET


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