FRINGEWORLD 2020 | Kiara with a K: That Jazz | 4 Stars

Review | Sarah Soulay & Laura Money

Kiara with a K: That Jazz is one of the first Fringeworld shows of the 2020 season and it does not disappoint. Featuring original performances to the backdrop of classical musicals, there is something for everyone. 

Starting slowly like casually brushing a cymbal, they open with a synchronised classical jazz performance – they pull the rug out from under the audience and launch into a non-stop hilarious and skilfully executed show.

Aleisha Archer and Kiara with a K. perform a lovely and energetic tap dance performance that definitely gets you in a jazzy mood. Performed with the raw hilarity of someone like Carol Burnett, Kiara is every bit as talented as she is funny.

There’s a saucy vibe with a fun, quirky burlesque routine performed by Polly St. Pearl and an intensely captivating song performed by Sven and Lucy Lovegun – who shows us her artful skill with a sultry burlesque performance.

Throughout the show, MC Nicola Macri provides her impeccable comedy stylings – she’s funny, bubbly and relatable – definitely one to watch! One performer that will have you cackling with laughter is the witty and outrageously funny Veruca Sour, whose facial expressions could fill a room with laughter, and they most certainly do!

It’s clear to see these performers are having a great time showcasing their many talents, to the point where you might feel like you want to join in on the fun. They aren’t afraid to have a laugh if something doesn’t go quite right, while still remaining professional and continuing on with the show. 

For $32.00 you can sit back and relax while you enjoy an hour of singing, dancing, comedy and fun. So, if you love a modern take on jazz performances and cabaret with a little bit of everything, then this is the show for you. Now, let me see your Sheba shimmy shake all the way down to Chemistry at Girls School to see Kiara with a K: That Jazz, it is one heck of a show. 


WHEN: 17th – 19th January 2020 | 8:20pm

WHERE: Chemistry | GIRLS SCHOOL | 2 Wellington Street, Perth

INFO: Pricing $22.50 – $32 | Duration 60m | Restricted 18+ | Mild nudity | CABARET


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