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FRINGEWORLD 2019: Stephen Valeri | Age of Stephen | 5 With Fringe

Stephen Valeri is the die-hard fan of John Farnham gracing Perth stages with his tribute show Age of Stephen this FRINGEWORLD 2019. He answered our 5 With Fringe series ahead of the show.

Describe your show in 3 words: 


What is your show all about?

It’s a very, very loving tribute to Aussie musical icon, John Farnham. I spend the show attempting to convince my audience that John and I share a spiritual connection, whilst cramming as many of his iconic hits as possible into an hour!

Favourite FRINGEWORLD 2019 hangout?

I’m loving the vibe at our venue, His Majesty’s Theatre – the place is buzzing with audiences grabbing a drink and bite to eat before and after seeing their shows. There’s also pop up performances every night that add to the lush atmosphere.

What is the best part about FRINGEWORLD 2019?

I haven’t had a chance to see a lot of shows just yet, as we’re only here for the last week of the festival – but I am enjoying everyone’s friendliness! Fringe Artists are usually a pretty friendly bunch, but everyone in Perth is so relaxed and up for a chat – it’s great!

Apart from your show, what other shows would you recommend?

  • Dolly Diamond’s ‘BLANKETY BLANKS’ – Not many people in the world make me laugh like Dolly! She doesn’t miss a beat and this show is her in her absolute element. Downstairs at the Maj until Saturday.
  • Sinsational Rita & Mae – Melody & Lucinda Beck are bringing back old school glamour with their classy (and cheeky) tribute to Rita Hayworth and Mae West. And they can SING! King’s Lair (His Majesty’s Theatre) until Saturday.
  • The Boy, George – Patrick Livesy’s show tells the future story of Prince George (yes, the sassy son of Will & Kate) and his quest to take over the world. His show sounds hilarious and I can’t wait to see it this week! Shambles at The Woodside Pleasure Garden til Sunday.

You can grab your tickets to Age of Stephen HERE.

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