FRINGEWORLD 2019 | Captain Spaceship: Maiden Voyage | 4 Stars

Review | Kieran Eaton

Space: the final frontier and often an area that artists are scared to explore because some feel that science and art are domains that do not overlap. Weeping Spoon Productions attempt to tackle this challenge by use improv comedy and this is possible with star actor and producer, Shane Adamczak being a Sci Fi geek. Meet Captain Spaceship (Esther Longhurst) and follow along as she brings her rag tag crew (regulars Shane Adamczak, Daniel Buckle and sound tech Alwyn Nixon Lloyd) along with a rotating lineup of guest improvisers, as they hurtle through space and time.

As they all they all have performed on the theatre sport creation of The Big Hoo Haa, their comedic chemistry is excellent. However, there is much difference as this team has to each night create a new storyline that goes for an hour that only relies on crowd suggestions and their improv skills.

Adamczak gleefully sets the scene for the night by interacting with the audience, asking what Sci Fi shows they are fans of. Happily, this host acknowledges the few hard core geeks in the crowd and makes some great jokes about it. It is all from the top of his head as he states the night before had much weirder, drunker audience. Still with his long experience in the comedy caper, Adamczak easily goes with the flow. The crowd suggestions can be hit and miss, so the most potentially funny and challenging suggestions get chosen.

The hilarity of the show comes from each performer having a different interpretation of what is suppose to go on and seeing their creative minds deal with the chaos. A beginning, middle and end is masterfully made that incorporates the unpredictability to make you wonder at incredible skill they must have.

Captain Spaceship: Maiden Voyage is a great show to see a creative way to achieve comedy on the spot.

WHEN: 12 – 17 February 2019 | 8:20pm


INFO: Tickets $20 – $22 | Duration 50m | Age suitability: PG | WA ARTISTS | COMEDY


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