FRINGEWORLD, on now, Review

FRINGEWORLD 2019: Underemployment: A Show about Not Enough Work and Way Too Much TV | 5 Stars

Review | Amanda Lancaster & Link Harris

Employment: Use, purpose, the activity in which one engages or employed. An instance of such activity. This show however is a clearly and cleverly a demonstrable instance of the ensuing consequences of those instances of inactivity.

Written and performed by Keren Schlink who made us laugh in Pupperotica: Foreplay, Underemployment: A Show About Not Enough Work and Way Too Much TV is exactly as the title suggests – a show about not being employed and watching way too much TV but it is oh so much more than that.

Think Bridget Jones diary meets a kind of ironic 12 step program and you might be almost in the ball park of just how terrifically funny and self identifying this performance piece will become over the course of this non stop channel hopping 45 minute laugh fest with every member of its audience in some way. So hilarious, charming and talented is our one-woman powerhouse and with such effervescent personality that its hard to remember that this piece was itself created in the face of such unlucky and seemingly ongoing mishaps and misfortune.

Be uplifted by the downward spiral of knowing someone else and in fact numerous someone else’s out there know just what it is like to tread the waters of not the “employment vs unemployment” deep end of the work pool. Empathise in guilty pleasure as the phases of loss of purpose and identity have not only the good, bad and ugly laid out for all to see but also the eccentricities and inanities of exactly how it feels to be human in today’s day and age.

This show will resonate with anyone who has been through unemployment and rigmarole of dealing with Centrelink, applying for jobs, getting rejected from jobs either you are qualified, under-qualified or over qualified for, going to job interviews and your pants being too tight – they fit when you were employed- not to mention the day to day happenings of getting out of bed or being too drunk and binge watching TV in such a clever manner that you will just love this show even if you haven’t had the misfortune to do any of the above.

Not so much a statement about the underemployment of one within the work force but the underemployment of oneself within our own existence to feel useful needed worthy successful and fulfilled in our very own lives

Forget the it could always be worse idiom and instead o yourselves a favour when I tell it could always get better …. just as it does with each and every one of Schlink‘s performances I’ve viewed to date.

If we could give this show a 10 out of 5 we would.

WHEN: 13 – 16 February 2019 | 8:30pm

WHERE: The Windsor Hotel | SOUTH PERTH

INFO: Tickets $15 | Duration 45 mins | Suitable 18 | WA ARTIST | THEATRE/MUSICAL THEATRE



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