FRINGEWORLD, on now, Review

FRINGEWORLD 2019: Sticky Digits | 5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

I like my erotic fiction like my men – strong, hard, thick, and full of surprisingly interesting facts copied directly from Wikipedia. This is why I am Pamela deMenthe‘s biggest fan – she provides all of the above and more in her novels from classics like ‘Panties Inferno’, and ‘Hooked: Romp in the Abbitoir’, to subtle masterpieces like ‘Butterfingers: After Hours in the Dairy.’ You can imagine my excitement to be at the launch of her latest novel Sticky Digits and have the chance to learn from the master!

Well, at the launch I was star struck! deMenthe is an inspiring figure – clad in a power jacket, beige pants and turtleneck, she walks straight-backed through the crowd, shaking hands and regales us with a PowerPoint presentation with insider secrets! There is nothing this woman can’t do – from working in a nuclear power plant to attending an erotic fiction masterclass in Spain with Raol Fernandez, deMenthe takes it all in stride. This character is fabulous! Hilariously obtuse about her desperation (think David Brent as an erotic writer) deMenthe reveals her tricks of the trade, including adding in a lot of Wikipedia research and overusing adjectives.

The smut-level is off the charts! DeMenthe’s language would make the entire fleet blush but it honestly doesn’t get crude. All of deMenthe’s advice is hilariously interwoven into the extract of the novel we are more than privelaged to hear. From a strong opening line (which I won’t repeat!) to a rather aggressive marketing partnership with a certain supermarket chain, Sticky Digits will keep you enraptured and giggling your head off throughout. After establishing the characters – who are thinly veiled knock offs of herself and family members – the plot goes from the ridiculous to the ludicrous all the while maintaining its zest for all things sexy.
So, pull up a chair, grab a drink – believe me, deMenthe will match you – and get ready to enjoy the scintillating, smutty, provocative, feather-tickling, c**t throbbing, meat pulsating, volcanic show that is Sticky Digits.

(I’m not entirely sure I used enough adjectives….)
WHEN: 1 – 17 February 2019 | 3:30pm & 6:30pm

INFO: Tickets $20 – $25 | Duration 60m | Age suitability: 18+ | Content warning: sexual references | COMEDY




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